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A mom escaped with her 3 months old baby in arms: 31 Aug is worse than 21 Jul

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  • Published on:  Monday, September 2, 2019
  • On 31 Aug night, the riot police and the Raptors (Special Tactical Squad) went into the Prince Edward MTR station. It was recorded that they used batons and pepper sprays against citizens on a train heading for Tiu Keng Leng on the Kwun Tong line.

    With her 3 months old son in her arms, Jan was going home with her husband. They took the Kwun Tong line MTR train and got off at Prince Edward station. She recalled arriving Prince Edward at around 22:52. There were many people on the platform including elders, someone on a wheelchair and teens. There was no announcement at that moment.

    Suddenly the alarms on the platform went off. They wanted to take the elevator and leave. "It was full and my husband couldn't get in. It felt like we were going to art forever. I was afraid that the riot police would take him as a protester and attack him just because he looked young." The elevator went out of service shortly after. They spent a long time to escape. When escaping, they were intimidated by a riot police officer. The officer point his baton at them and shouted, "Are you going or not?" The situation was so desperate that her husband had his wedding ring fell off when he was folding their baby transport in panic.

    I can block with my body if the police hit me. But what if they use pepper spray and tear gas? I will be alright but what about my 3 months old baby? What will happen if he inhaled? She worried so much as a mother.

    She was not yet settled when interviewed on the next day. Thought she couldn't see what happened on the"Train to Busan". She saw how dreadful it was in the station. She said she was just a citizen happened to pass by. She really couldn't understand why the police had to take action on the platform and in the compartment including injuring citizen. "They sacrificed the innocent citizens which could 99% of the people in the station."

    She think that what happened on 31 Aug is absolutely worse than what happened on 21 Jul. "On 21 Jul, it was the triad members. You can tell they are unlawful. But 31 Aug, the police went into the compartment and beat people indiscriminately. I think it's worse because they are disciplined police officers."

    Yesterday, a photo went viral on the internet. It was a wall with graffiti reading, "Who do you call when the police murders?" Who can protect the Hong Kong citizens nowadays?
  • Source: https://youtu.be/mmBRGIeH4QM


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