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Dark Souls Remastered | Zitler

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  • Published on:  Sunday, June 10, 2018
  • This is the greatest zit adventure of All Time
  • Source: https://youtu.be/mz2vgxAXD_s


  • Bird Plane

    Bird Plane

     3 days ago

    What made me laugh the most was the fact that he had the black knight halberd the whole time😂

  • Arubus The Pyramid God

    Arubus The Pyramid God

     3 days ago

    I wanted to see him fight seath and the bed of chaos ☹️

  • sen3.14


     4 days ago


  • He_MuTbka_TuTbka


     5 days ago

    4:41 Wait, how the fuck he has lightning uchigatana?? You need a +10 weapon to make it lightning and this is literlly first location!

  • Yhur Hurt

    Yhur Hurt

     7 days ago

    He spends like 10 of the 27 minutes in Sen's Fortress, but then skips straight from O&S to the final boss battle. I don't know if that speaks poorly on the way he paced this video, or the fact that the second half of DS is poop.

  • Gb Main

    Gb Main

     14 days ago

    The fact he blocks before parrying gives me major anxiety

  • Windyr


     21 days ago +1

    25:30 wow I can't believe they ruined poise in Dark Souls III

  • A P

    A P

     21 days ago +1

    "Half way there, and by half way i mean almost to half way..... If you close your eyes."

  • Dumpster Raccoon

    Dumpster Raccoon

     28 days ago

    Try doing it with an unupgraded bandit knife. That was bullshit

  • Mathias Z

    Mathias Z

     28 days ago +1

    Ah god. Respect the classics. Thanks Critikal

  • Foxugiso


     28 days ago

    I think that Dark souls are easier on keyboard and mouse than controller

  • CriticalTheNoob


     28 days ago

    1:11 Angry bird 😂

  • Cis Admiral

    Cis Admiral

     1 months ago

    Why does it always rain on me
    Is it because I cheesed dark souls on easiest difficulty

  • Tyler Francis

    Tyler Francis

     1 months ago

    11:33 ......... 11:45

  • Jej Flexington

    Jej Flexington

     1 months ago

    Darksouls streamer edition sorry bois

  • CourteousLaughter


     1 months ago +1

    Had to leave when he didn't bow, lol though funny stuff dude

  • Sasquatch


     1 months ago

    8:11 uhh who the fuck runs out of the door way?

  • Anomalocaria


     1 months ago

    poise is out of control in DkS lol

  • WellBeSerious12


     1 months ago

    Put Tiana on and see how good she is.

  • WellBeSerious12


     1 months ago

    Put Tiana on and see how good she is.