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True Mystery House Horror Story Animated

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  • Published on:  Sunday, August 11, 2019
  • Link to IMR Scary Tales Channel:

    This is a True Creepy &Scary Story Animation

    Story By Boomfly
    Animation by Da Yeon Ryu

    If you have personal true story of yours, please send it through

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  • Priya Banerjee

    Priya Banerjee


    XD ant man anyone?

  • Harish Kdb

    Harish Kdb

     7 days ago

    This video is better to watch in subtitles

  • Chhayseng Lov

    Chhayseng Lov

     21 days ago

    Which is scarier? Seeing ghost or saw the house yesterday and don’t see it the after day

  • Make's mom lNln

    Make's mom lNln

     21 days ago

    The kid with the orange hair looks like a 9 year old giorno from jojo's bizzare adventure.

  • Soham khairnar

    Soham khairnar

     a months ago +1


  • Ивана Колева

    Ивана Колева

     a months ago

    Baba Qga, meaning Granny Qga, is part of the slavic folklore overall, it is the eqivelent of your evil witch of the west.

  • Duo-lingo


     a months ago

    Lol I’m russian and I’ve heared this story my whole life, even had a few songs about it.
    Somehow (at least in my neighborhood) we were never scared of her and even had witches as dolls of her

  • julia saves dirk gently

    julia saves dirk gently

     a months ago

    baba yaga for god's sake really

  • Riley Cate

    Riley Cate

     a months ago

    AHHAHAHA omg I speak Russian and the way he said "Baba Yega" was HILARIOUS LOL it's a very famous child folktale and its actually a comedy cartoon not a scary cartoon xx

  • Shravani Kumari

    Shravani Kumari

     2 months ago

    Hindi channel link plz

  • margarita pacheco

    margarita pacheco

     2 months ago

    I read the story of baba yaga

  • noeditzzbb Lei

    noeditzzbb Lei

     2 months ago +1

    I was 7th grade when this happened, I was over at my best friends house and she lived near and old neighborhood. With a cemetery. She had been getting really bad stomach pains and had to go to the hospital. I had to stay home with her daughter while she was rushed away. So, to pass the time, I decided to take her daughter on a walk. Her daughter was about 1 1/2. Able to walk. So, we were walking down the road when we passed the cemetery. I decided to go look at the headstones to see if my friend's grandfather was there. A few minutes of looking, we found him. But his headstone was removed from the ground and the dirt had been disturbed. I got scared thinking it was some grave robber. I grabbed the little girl and tried to fun off with her. But she refused to come with me and just stood there. Looking at something. I asked her what she was doing and that we needed to leave. She wasn't having it. She kept saying, "Gwamy" which I figured she was trying to say grandpy. But I thought it was strange how she had known who he was. He died before she was born. So, she couldn't have known who she was. Then she started to chase something around the grave. But in a fun and playful way. I started freaking out and asked her what she was doing. She didn't pay attention and kept running and laughing. I eventually realized what was going on. I called my friend's parents and told them what was happening. They sounded worried. They said they'd pick me up since they were headed home. Turns out, my friend had just started her first period and it wasn't a big deal. They drove to the cemetery and we all sat and watched the little girl play with her great grandfather. His ghost. Eventually, she got tired and started to slow down. One thing that amazed me was she was running at a faster speed than normal babies run. She had just learned to walk. But, everything was ok.

    Disclaimer: I was 13 at the time and so was my friend. Yes, she had a year old child. Her "parents" are her stepdad and mom. Her real dad is in jail now. Her father had raped her at 12 and now, she has a daughter. She hadn't gotten her period yet. Just clearing some stuff in case of any confusion.

  • HorrorLover98


     2 months ago

    Why'd you have to use the Grudge croaking sound effects

  • Katrina Arellano

    Katrina Arellano

     2 months ago

    Story starts at 0:27
    You’re welcome


  • Russian Folk music

    Russian Folk music

     2 months ago

    It is called baba yaga.

  • Russian Folk music

    Russian Folk music

     2 months ago

    Baba yaga

  • RookieGameDev


     2 months ago

    out for a long time wansee miss uuu

  • blackpinkgod


     2 months ago

    He wondering where did the creepy guy disappear. I'm just wondering where did a whole damn house go

  • Kwondo Shibama

    Kwondo Shibama

     3 months ago

    Rather die as a man than live as a gay.

  • Goalkeeping Frenzy

    Goalkeeping Frenzy

     3 months ago

    In Serbia we call it

    Baba Roga

    Бава рога

    Is a witch that catches naughty children and throws then into sharks...