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True Mystery House Horror Story Animated

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  • Published on:  Sunday, August 11, 2019
  • Link to IMR Scary Tales Channel: is a True Creepy &Scary Story AnimationStory By BoomflyAnimation by Da Yeon RyuIf you have personal true story of yours, please send it through email: -
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  • Hawra Datoo

    Hawra Datoo

     7 days ago +2145

    Who else can see how much wansee’s animations have improved

  • Vagiskill


     7 days ago +409

    This was my first time hearing Wansee's actual voice.
    I'm thrilled.
    Edit: I had to edit my comment for the purpose of Wansee and his bandwagon followers that I was REFERRING to the intro, and NOT the narration of the story. Everyone likes to assume but never read. 🤷‍♀️

  • Adàm Huss

    Adàm Huss

     7 days ago +767

    Early gang !! Like if u clicked Straight away 😂

  • Miraculous Animations

    Miraculous Animations

     7 days ago +710

    Even though I'm scared of many things and horror stories idk Why I still watch them😂😅
    I also like how you (or the people who make the animations ) named another channel that was really nice of you ( y'all )

  • Cookie Monster

    Cookie Monster

     7 days ago +382

    Lol, i russian. Even Baba Yaga( баба Яга) found a way to escape from Russia

  • Dino Rex

    Dino Rex

     7 days ago +269

    They shouldn't have pissed off John Wick...
    (I know it's a terrible joke, but I had to say it)

  • Ehvicii


     7 days ago +105

    If your reading this I just want to say...
    Hi 👋🏼

  • Kelia Bolton

    Kelia Bolton

     7 days ago +91

    Old creepy cabin?
    better go in it!

  • Wilmer Rådeström

    Wilmer Rådeström

     7 days ago +227

    Im not first
    Im not last
    But when wansee upploads
    I sure click fast
    (Wow thank you all so Much for the likes)😀

  • 1968264


     7 days ago +148

    No one gives me attention so i Will tell a horror story
    I was in my bedroom
    When suddenly...
    The WiFi turned off

  • John Pierce

    John Pierce

     7 days ago +35

    Should’ve walked AROUND the house🙄

  • jcurbadhabit


     7 days ago +74

    If they were adults, I would probably suggest them to stop taking hallucinogens. But since they're kids, yup maybe they were under a spell.

  • Z 9

    Z 9

     7 days ago +243

    Love you
    If you love Wansee entertainment like this comment

  • Bear Cavern

    Bear Cavern

     7 days ago +170

    Man I love this channel! Hope I could animate horror stories as good as u
    Edit: wow 70 likes??? I only have a mouse to draw with lol



     yesterday +1

    Umm, isn't Baba Yaga some teacher from Ever After High??

  • True Stories

    True Stories

     7 days ago +113

    I am afraid to watch this alone 😨😨😨

  • Zacimus Prime

    Zacimus Prime

     5 days ago +7

    Yep I was definitely hiding in the comments for this horror story ahh man creepy ladies scare me the most I’m definitely scared of girls lol😂 atleast We heard Wannasee talk for the first timee😊👍🏻!!!

  • XS Blang

    XS Blang

     yesterday +1

    Roses are red violets are blue I saw wansee I clicked fast

  • Aesthetic Mood

    Aesthetic Mood

     7 days ago +23

    Lol who thinks when somewhere u read “and his jaw dropped’ you picture his mouth wide open touching the ground 😂

  • Alfonso Lopez

    Alfonso Lopez

     7 days ago +16

    Ethan + Strange House
    = Resident Evil 7: Biohazard