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This cooler VOIDS your warranty! - Worth the risk??

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, April 11, 2018
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    First you upgrade the Intel TIM, then you try out Liquid Metal - the next logical step on the quest for the lowest temps is to completely eliminate the IHS.

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  • Roni Pletikosa

    Roni Pletikosa

     12 hours ago

    as a german speaker, i can verify that warnings in german sound horrible.

  • LargeEggMan 8

    LargeEggMan 8


    He said to drain it linus says no, linus fails. Linus will drain it ow

  • The People's Bayonet

    The People's Bayonet

     2 days ago

    whoever did captions needs to try again

  • gnarlin


     4 days ago

    Linus: "Procedure and precaution is for pussies". Drops and ruins everything while everyone around him looks around worriedly, checking to see if anyone is going to say anything.

  • guntars songailo

    guntars songailo

     5 days ago

    One second, you first time removed for this cpu IHS and the bottom was liquid metal?

  • Digi20


     5 days ago

    Well, its not really different than would we did close to 20 years ago on pentium 3 or athlon cpus that did not have an IHS (i feel old now). sure those cpus were a bit thicker, but espacially the early athlons could be very brittle and the higher DIE meant chipped off edged if you did stupid things. i wouldnt hesistate to give it a go.

    btw: linus, your german sucks :D

  • Hari Slade

    Hari Slade

     5 days ago

    WD40 .

  • Slayd 71-

    Slayd 71-

     6 days ago

    My fav part is on 4:21 😂😂😂🤣🤣

  • Jrod Sicotte

    Jrod Sicotte

     6 days ago

    lol if you have an AMD CPU that comes with a cooler and you use an aftermarket cooler it voids the warranty anyways sad to say...

  • Rayne Arnold

    Rayne Arnold

     7 days ago

    Me: watches the intro and sees that it says get naked

    Me: 7 mins into the video Wait, that's illegal.

  • Mr Arby

    Mr Arby

     7 days ago

    When can I buy one?

  • Lucas Weinberg

    Lucas Weinberg

     7 days ago +1

    As a German I didn´t understand something at 4:22

  • Robert Castiglione

    Robert Castiglione

     7 days ago

    please revisit this with a 9900K!!!!



     7 days ago +1

    Why doesnt Intel release a specialised cpu that is integrated into a waterblock ?? ... That would alleviate some of the risk involved with the method you tried now and give similar if not better results

  • eli kimball

    eli kimball

     7 days ago

    warranty voiding asmr

  • Goncalo Madeira

    Goncalo Madeira

     7 days ago +1

    Madness you say... THIS IS STUPID.

  • Matt Schutzman

    Matt Schutzman

     7 days ago

    Very cool tech but was implemented terribly... the liquid metal could have been used more scarcely and spread out better, should have put liquid metal on the block itself, and for god sake drain the loop! Your supposed to be a professional act like one.

  • Low_skill


     7 days ago

    wie er deutsch liest :)

  • How to,s

    How to,s

     7 days ago

    Please do watercooling but instead of water you use liquid metal

  • Joey Pug

    Joey Pug

     14 days ago

    Thats cool