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Hannah B is The Bachelorette! (And Why They Chose Her)

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  • Published on:  Friday, March 15, 2019
  • Our new Bachelorette is Hannah B aka Hannah Brown aka Hannah Alabama! For some this was a controversial pick after seeing her time on The Bachelor. She's awkward, she's quirky, she's not your usual pick. So why did they pick her? And will she continue to be the "Hot Mess Express"? Or will she transform in her new role as Bachelorette? All this and more in this Bachelor Fantake video. Why Hannah - 6:28Twitter - https://twitter.com/BachelorFantakeInstagram - https://www.instagram.com/bachelorfan...#TheBachelor #TheBachelorette #BachelorNation
  • Source: https://youtu.be/n62CHRsJSKQ


  • Bachelor Fantake

    Bachelor Fantake

     5 months ago +116

    Who would you have picked for Bachelorette? Also: 1:02 I address Colton and the ring box. 6:28 for "why Hannah" and 8:42 for tinfoil hat time

  • Olivia B

    Olivia B

     5 months ago +802

    I’m rooting for Hannah B! I hope she overcomes her social anxiety. But I’m not gonna lie seeing her on After the Finale Rose made me question if they made the wrong decision 😅. And after following Hannah G on Instagram and seeing some of her interviews, she’s so cute and funny. The producers did her dirty editing out her personality. Hopefully she’ll go on Paradise and find someone great!🧡

  • Paulo Neto

    Paulo Neto

     5 months ago +406

    It's not that Hannah G. had a bad edit, it was more like barely any edit.
    Also I believe that when it comes to selecting the new leads for the show, ABC is now more into stepping away from the usual "the lead broke my heart by choosing someone else, but now it's my chance to find love" tropes and go for other tropes like Colton's virginity ("will he lose it?") and Hannah's awkwardness ("will some guy see her through the hot mess?")

  • L Fox

    L Fox

     5 months ago +969

    Cassie is SO unlikeable to me. At first I thought she was gorgeous but as time went on, she didn’t seem to have anything of substance to say and was more into her relationship with Cayelynn than Colton. Then she fusses Kirpa out.... but Kirpa was RIGHT! If you could do a video on why she is so unlikeable that would be interesting. I’m just not buying their “love story”.

  • Meghan Speed

    Meghan Speed

     5 months ago +521

    Honestly Hannah’s awkwardness in this has actually made me warm up to her! I love seeing someone who seems more real and relatable!

  • hannstav


     5 months ago +315

    hannah g's bad edit theory makes so much sense to me, i was listening to a bachelor podcast (here to make friends) where they had katie on to talk about the women tell all and she talked about how hannah g is one of her best friends and how so much of her personality got cut from the show, mentioning that hannah g is actually one of the funniest people she's ever met. apparently both her and katie would rap while getting ready, since the girls weren't allowed to listen to music. the producers probably cut some of that footage but left in that awkward hometown rap to make the audience go "....what was that". idk, just a thought!

  • Kaydee Brozi

    Kaydee Brozi

     5 months ago +586

    Caelynn is SUPER pissed I bet

  • Meagan Elizabeth

    Meagan Elizabeth

     5 months ago +35


  • Maria Dominguez

    Maria Dominguez

     5 months ago +321

    I love how she is going to be the first bachelorette that was played as a Villain at some point she is not going to disappoint Hannah B in the Bachelor house!!!

  • Anandi Ganguly

    Anandi Ganguly

     5 months ago +132

    Even if Hannah G was asked to be the bachelorette, she would have most probably turned it down cz she visibly still has strong feelings for him, apparently she's upset that she got waaay less air time, and was heartbroken. I mean I get why she'd turn it down it's 100% believable. But Caylen? No honey, if she would have been asked she would have jumped at the opportunity.

  • Chelsea Clem

    Chelsea Clem

     5 months ago +95

    Demi said on Nick Viall’s podcast that Hannah G got a bad edit. She said they were so much closer than the show made it seem. I honestly believe it, because we never really saw all of Hannah G until the very end! Which is so sad she seemed like a great girl. But I can’t wait to see Hannah B on the Bachelorette! I think she’s going to do great!

  • bi quirk

    bi quirk

     5 months ago +111

    i totally agree with that conspiracy theory. hannah had done nothing to anger anyone. she was not in a rivalry with someone and never used her time with colton to talk about someone else, or so we’ve seen. and people would have definitely hated cassie, i already do. so that theory is completely believable.

  • Jany Marti

    Jany Marti

     5 months ago +145

    “This guy is really good at opening jars”

  • Emily Saechao

    Emily Saechao

     5 months ago +124

    I hated Luke!!! Classic try hard. Bad feeling about him from the start. The second guy wasn’t memorable. Cam was my favorite. He had “hot mess express” in his rap and Hannah B was the only one who said that all season so it wasn’t for Hannah G. And the last two are alright I guess 🤷🏻‍♀️😂 Cam is my winner tbh. He’s equally dorky just like Hannah B.

  • Brandon  Maze

    Brandon Maze

     5 months ago +221

    She was hilarious . She's gonna be great. It was live tv with a studio audience. She handled the guys well . Real cute lines " try harder" and " toughest decision I've made all season" shes gonna be amazing. You were a bit harsh considering it was filmed live.

  • hunbun


     5 months ago +54

    Yes, they edited Hannah G.out ... but not only because it would make Cassie look bad but because it would make Colton look bad.

  • Vina MKA

    Vina MKA

     5 months ago +28

    10000% believe they gave Hannah g a bad edit so we would swallow Cassie being Colton’s pick better.

  • Sara Inglis

    Sara Inglis

     5 months ago +64

    I buy into this Hannah G. conspiracy so much now. Mind officially blown.

  • sandra apodaca

    sandra apodaca

     5 months ago +219

    I’m honestly excited to watch Hannah B!! She’s different and real and relatable.

  • JenMac


     5 months ago +161

    I think both Hannah's got the "Bachelor edit". But I'm here for Hannah Alabama being the Bachelorette! Its gonna be great cringeworthy TV!