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Top 10 Family Guy Jokes that Crossed the Line

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  • Published on:  Sunday, October 1, 2017
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    Family Guy is known for crossing the line sometimes. These are the jokes that went a little... too far. We'll be looking at the songs "You Have AIDS" and "I Need A Jew", when Brian 'cleans' Stewie's diaper, Quagmire's Dad's sex change, the Prom Night Dumpster baby, and more. Join WatchMojo as we count down our picks for the top 10 Family Guy Jokes that Crossed the Line.

    #10. Jesus’ Visit
    #9. Somewhere That’s Green
    #8. Prom Night Dumpster Baby
    #7. Vietnam Memorial
    #6. Brian “Cleans” Stewie’s Diaper
    #5. Michael J. Fox Cutaway
    #4. Quagmire’s Dad’s Sex Change
    #3, #2 & #1: ????

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  • Josh Thornton

    Josh Thornton

     4 days ago

    You forgot the one where Cleveland and Peter are seeing who can get a higher rate of drug and then Cleveland says he brought crystal meth. Then Peter says he brought ten rounds of chemotherapy

  • Bradley Stopher

    Bradley Stopher

     6 days ago

    as Peter Griffin would say WHO THE HELL CARES if jokes "cross the line"

  • Jack Taylor

    Jack Taylor

     7 days ago

    crossing the line or not getting it?

  • Dash


     7 days ago

    Crossing the line is what makes Family Guy what it is.

  • Spyro The Dragon

    Spyro The Dragon

     7 days ago

    The vomiting scene

    Forwards: Disgusting
    Backwards: Disgusting and funny

  • Gatherra company

    Gatherra company

     7 days ago

    You guys are such pussies xd

  • Zander Britt

    Zander Britt

     14 days ago

    Shut up boomer

  • Ira Montour

    Ira Montour

     14 days ago +1

    Love all the christian jokes... lol

  • Chenee Thompson

    Chenee Thompson

     14 days ago

    #8, wtf?!!

  • front facing phineas

    front facing phineas

     14 days ago

    Honestly some of them were fine but the one about Peter contemplating suicide was absolutely disrespectful especially to those who were depressed and could’ve seeked for help

  • Ryan Akwar

    Ryan Akwar

     14 days ago +1

    Did anyone noticed that Brenda just threw her child away?!

  • Stephen Howard

    Stephen Howard

     21 days ago

    fuck off mojo u pack of soft cocks! the Vietnam war memorial one had me in stitches. funny as fuck

  • Abc sin

    Abc sin

     21 days ago

    Micheal j fox joke is not funny

  • Abc sin

    Abc sin

     21 days ago

    Vietnam american cutaway doesnt find it as offensive

  • Abc sin

    Abc sin

     21 days ago

    Herbert Chris thing is creepy!!!😐

  • Burn In hell

    Burn In hell

     21 days ago

    “Wow this joke is so offensive, family guy is WAY to offensive” seriously.. if your stupid enough to argue with me... FAMILY GUY is MEANT to be OFFENSIVE, stop complaining when you CHOOSE TO WATCH, a show that is for ADULTS and that’s a COMEDY.. honestly use your brain people

  • A B

    A B

     28 days ago

    humor is subjective pull the stick out of your ass watchmojo

  • CoPaE


     28 days ago

    get the fuck out and do original content like them.
    Fuck everybody who felt offended.

  • Gavin Lybert

    Gavin Lybert

     1 months ago +1

    I feel like that Vietnamese guy could’ve been arrested

  • Hiro


     1 months ago

    As a Vietnamese, i feel very offended about this Vietnamese joke .