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How To Look Expensive | Styling Hacks & Tips

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, January 24, 2018
  • In today's video I'm sharing some of things I do to always look expensive and feel put together.

    Whether I'm shopping at thrift stores, department stores or anywhere in between, I think that looking great has absolutely nothing to do with how much money you spend, and over the years I've honed in on some tried and trusted tips that help me feel and look like a million bucks - without spending it. Thanks so much for watching! xx Audrey




    Sweater: Everlane
    Blazer: Brooks Brothers (very old)
    Necklace: Mejuri
    Earrings: old
    Watch: JACY
    Gold Bangle: Vintage
    Gold Rings: David Yurman
    Silk Scarf: Vintage



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    Hi there and thank you so much for stopping by! I'm Audrey, a Charleston based minimalist, antique collector and stripe lover. Through my videos and site (, I share my love of simplicity and my journey toward doing more with less.

    From tips on how to build a classic, minimal, year-round wardrobe, to home decor and DIY's from my very own home in Charleston, my hope is that each post and video I upload will inspire you to live life to the fullest - and in style.

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  • Laura F.

    Laura F.

     17 hours ago

    Haha I love the pets discreetly popping in the background on the right. How do you keep your clothes so impecable when you have pets (no fur on them)?

  • E



    Love your curls!

  • Michelle Plazola

    Michelle Plazola


    Omgg thank you so much !! Top

  • Life is Wanderful

    Life is Wanderful

     2 days ago

    Oh my gosh I never thought about the white t-shirt bra thing

  • Tuya Enkhtugs

    Tuya Enkhtugs

     2 days ago

    I saw lot of styling videos, your advice was most useful and realistic of all, thank you!

  • Star Sister

    Star Sister

     2 days ago +1

    You’re so LIKEABLE! 😇

  • Andrea Hamilton

    Andrea Hamilton

     2 days ago

    Loved this video short, sweet and to the point. You're very articulate and suggest ideas ordinary people can afford to achieve. Thank you, love from New Zealand 💋💋💋

  • cris managbanag

    cris managbanag

     4 days ago

    Hi how to handle people hating you bec you look expensive and they think your just showing off

  • Marsha McDonald

    Marsha McDonald

     4 days ago

    This was an excellent video.
    Thank you Audrey.
    Some of the comments about
    The video were rude, what
    Is wrong with you women?
    Take classes in etiquette
    And character development.

  • Shivani Verma

    Shivani Verma

     5 days ago


  • Mrs. Oh

    Mrs. Oh

     5 days ago

    Agree with the wristwatch..whenever I look at my pictures on those times I wore a watch, it really did make a difference. lol

  • Yangchen


     5 days ago

    I like ur style but Furs, leather & silk in your style are disappointing. We can still look classic & chic without these animal products.

  • Marie


     6 days ago

    WOW this is MY style , I really love this kind of wardrobe ; I want to look elegant ans yes why not a bit "expensive" ( not too much ) I will be honest : I buy my clothes second hand (very good quality) in special "boutiques" because I'm not very very rich and I can not afford to buy them new in expensive stores, and there is nothing wrong with that I think ! And I also think "keep it simple" because less is more !!! And not too much make up and jewelry ! Sorry for my bad English ! Thank you very much for posting ! Many kind greetings from Marie in France !

  • Spiniel Geckodin

    Spiniel Geckodin

     7 days ago +1

    I really really really hate jewelry, Idk it makes me cringe, BUT I don’t mind seeing them on other people.

    How do I deal with it? Is broche ok??

  • Robin Holbrook

    Robin Holbrook

     7 days ago

    My Mom would be 96 if she were still here. Everything you say is what she taught me growing up! I’m 74 now. These “rules” are rules for a reason! They work across styles and decades! Breaking them is fun, too, but you have to know them first! Like knowing simple scales before you can compose a symphonic. Don’t wear white bras under a white shirt but a lacy red one for a special night out is GREAT! One is tacky and the other fun! Mom was ALWAYS a lady. That is how I dress, as well. I’m trying to teach younger women to save until they can afford a truly great coat, jacket, pair of black pants rather than buy 1o things on sale because they are cheap! It’s hard! Have you done any videos addressing that issue? I’ll look. Anyway, I adore your take on fashion. I adore YOU! 🌹

  • Loli


     7 days ago

    As a foreigner, thank you for a variety of descriptive words. I need it a lot at my job.

  • J_Gal99


     7 days ago

    You are fabulous! Subscribed ✨

  • Roshel Derayunan

    Roshel Derayunan

     7 days ago

    I love your ideas and presentation....

  • jacob try

    jacob try

     7 days ago

    Tnx. It was helpful.

  • Hetvi Khetia

    Hetvi Khetia

     14 days ago

    Thanks for this😊