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Man Saves Wedding By Fainting and Peeing

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  • Published on:  Sunday, March 17, 2019
  • This is the greatest plan of All Time
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  • Chet Winkleston

    Chet Winkleston

     2 hours ago

    You got style for how you delivered that twitch shout out for your page lol

  • Mike Hawk

    Mike Hawk

     4 hours ago

    The singing was so fucking bad

  • Angel


     17 hours ago

    I like how she maintains her shaky vocals post fall.

  • БāΨ‡Φe ïś ĢðÐ

    БāΨ‡Φe ïś ĢðÐ

     21 hours ago

    This aint funny!!!!

  • xoxo


     23 hours ago

    what type of introvert pussy do you have to be to think a wedding outside on a sunny day is "fucking miserable"

  • xoxo


     23 hours ago

    oh god a wedding on a sunny day? how fucking horrible! they deserve eternal hell.

  • Behrang Saeedzadeh

    Behrang Saeedzadeh


    Dude, have you seen the November Rain?

  • j b

    j b

     yesterday +1

    Wait , Charlie lives in Florida ? That means two ultimate forces live in the same state, Charlie and John from reviewbrah

  • Alpherr



    Slender man and slender woman

  • Abraham Vinod

    Abraham Vinod

     2 days ago +1

    It thought the groom was the one who fainted and peed himself

  • Theanthropic Eyedolatry

    Theanthropic Eyedolatry

     2 days ago

    I guess he really fell for her singing

  • Ryan Woolsey

    Ryan Woolsey

     2 days ago

    Penis pants area🤣🤣

  • Billy Marold

    Billy Marold

     3 days ago

    Excellent face plant.

  • MyHardyhar


     3 days ago

    I'm the military, That happens alot

  • Overwatch


     3 days ago

    Man If there was EVER an omen to a bad marriage THAT was it

  • Dirk Steel

    Dirk Steel

     4 days ago

    This chick singing is the worst fucking thing I have ever heard. Pretty sure that's why he fell out.

  • Enigma


     4 days ago

    You cant fake this fall . Unless its a movie scene.

  • WhiteRu55ian


     4 days ago

    Dudes brain is like It swear to god if she sings a another fucking verse I’m out.

    👋 Laterz

  • Caroline Cotner

    Caroline Cotner

     5 days ago

    As stupid as it is to have a wedding outside, I think it can give you an idea of what marriages will last or not. My parents had their wedding outside, and when to vows started it began to rain and hail and they stood under an umbrella to say their vows. They have been married for over thirty years now, and have every intention to stay that way till one or both of them die.

  • Hotel


     6 days ago

    In addition to not locking your knees, you can wiggle your toes to keep blood flow. Definitely something to keep in mind!