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The Best Xbox Gaming TV YET! - Samsung Q9F Review

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 2, 2018
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    This spring, Freesync 2 variable refresh rate support came to the Xbox One S and Xbox One X- but there were no TVs to go along with it! Now, Samsung has added Freesync support to its 2018 QLED TVs, including the Q9F. Is this the gaming TV we always wanted?

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  • Russell Regulator

    Russell Regulator


    Don’t ever do that again please

  • gogomike69


     2 days ago

    Too bad the latest firmware killed freesync on the Q9FN. Random TV reboots when in use . Try to play RDR2 on Xbox one x with freesync on .... a desaster and no support from Samsung either. 😠

  • ervross1


     21 days ago

    Nice puppy

  • BParks21


     2 months ago

    So will the 2018 VRR samsung TV's work with the newly announced Nvidia driver rolling out later 2019 that enables VRR through hdmi on current RTX cards?

  • NonSense


     2 months ago +1

    So now ? Whats the best gaming tv ? Please ;)

  • Chris Korol

    Chris Korol

     2 months ago

    Lol I had no idea where you were going when you started taking those pants off lol

  • chrisutubeism


     2 months ago

    Who is actually gaming at 4k though? and especially at 60fps+... I would be very surprised if the next gen of consoles will be doing that typically, considering that they could get more bells and whistles and a higher frame rate by just using 1080p or 1440p... on less expensive hardware. There are some big compromises to 4k in gaming.
    1440p is the sweet spot right now and will be for some time.

    Yeh you could wait for a G-sync television.. for a $500 premium.. no thanks Nvidia.

  • ZombiePanda402


     2 months ago

    I hope next gen consoles include free sync part of the box.

  • galllion


     3 months ago

    I'm calling the police

  • Ab. Su.

    Ab. Su.

     3 months ago

    LG OLED HDMI 2.1 Game VRR. Much better.

  • Khantech HD

    Khantech HD

     3 months ago

    0:04 in the background lol 😂

  • Luca L

    Luca L

     5 months ago

    65" TV + couch distance: 2m = 17" desktop monitor effect

  • poinguan


     5 months ago

    2019 and budget FreeSync TV is nowhere to be found.

  • Bvye


     5 months ago

    LOL look at the guy in the back 0:06



     5 months ago

    His socks and Sandle show combo is aggravating

  • mujdatozc


     5 months ago

    65 inch very big 😬

  • Jan Geeroms

    Jan Geeroms

     5 months ago

    Don’t be such a drag 😂

  • Milque Toast

    Milque Toast

     6 months ago

    Oh just diving into Linus’s pants here, pay no attention, lolol

  • whyamialive03


     6 months ago +1

    I thought he was gonna pull out his magnum dong...

    I'm disappointed.

  • Damian Mryc

    Damian Mryc

     6 months ago

    Does it support free sync in 1440p?