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Panda Doesn't Realise She's Had Twins! | BBC Earth

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  • Published on:  Saturday, August 18, 2018
  • When having multiple cubs, pandas will usually only care for one baby and abandon the other, but switching them around might be the key for both twins' survival. Narrated by David Attenborough.
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    Natural World: Saving the Panda
    Conservation has come a long way since the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) was officially established as a charity almost 50 years ago on 11 September 1961, and the giant panda's story epitomises just how much has been achieved. Granted exclusive access to the world's number one panda research centre and reserve at Chengdu, this film follows the life of a mother and cubs from conception through birth and hand-rearing, to play and young adulthood - and the international team that care for them - over the course of 18 months. With archive footage, the film looks back at the extraordinary East-West collaboration that brought giant pandas back from the brink of extinction, and ahead to the radical, controversial and risky next phase: reintroduction into the wild.

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     23 minutes ago

    Very very sad video

  • lovkesh jangra

    lovkesh jangra

     58 minutes ago

    Look at the floor

  • fantasie x aj

    fantasie x aj

     8 hours ago

    I love animals they display incredible intelligence and incredible stupidity at the same time.

  • HPY-BOY -K.R

    HPY-BOY -K.R

     19 hours ago

    🤐..........🙏 For panda

  • Rosa Roldán

    Rosa Roldán


    Ay que cosita tan preciosa ojalá nacieran muchísimos más y nosotros los dejáramos en paz a TODOS LOS ANIMALITOS 🐼👏👏👏👍💋♥️🐼😍

  • Jessica Walker

    Jessica Walker


    If we could have pandas I would definitely have one

  • Eustachy auditore

    Eustachy auditore


    Why is in prison?

  • Sarla Bhandari

    Sarla Bhandari

     yesterday +1

    so cute 💖💖👌👌

  • Anime AMV song.

    Anime AMV song.

     2 days ago +2

    It's more like a panda jail 👮😷👮🚓.

  • Frank Farter

    Frank Farter

     2 days ago

    Panda's need to care for both baby's

  • GreatGun Hater

    GreatGun Hater

     3 days ago

  • Rimjhim Karaki

    Rimjhim Karaki

     3 days ago

    They look like smiling roly-poly babies. Soo cute, I am in love 🐼🐼🐼💕💖💕🙂💕

  • leslie smith

    leslie smith

     3 days ago

    This is wonderful 😀

  • F. B.

    F. B.

     3 days ago

    But why Lily is kept in this place?

  • Abinash Pal

    Abinash Pal

     3 days ago

    Hard job.

  • Star Cell

    Star Cell

     4 days ago

    look at the baby panda its so cute

  • Alyffer Alves

    Alyffer Alves

     4 days ago +2

    The way pandas sit and lay down with their legs on opposite sides of the quater always gets to me 😂

  • VnX Twan

    VnX Twan

     5 days ago

    So cute

  • Kim Taehyung is 707

    Kim Taehyung is 707

     5 days ago

    2:22 Wait hold up... licks honey water

  • RusskiyDzhigit


     5 days ago +1

    Concrete floor and metal cage, just what the panda needs