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Ways To Show Your Cats Love That They Can Understand

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  • Published on:  Friday, February 1, 2019
  • Cats are mysterious creatures. How will we decipher their behaviors? This list is an excellent place to start if you want your pet cat to know you absolutely love them!

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    9. Converse With Cats
    Even though animals do not speak human speech, some do understand what certain human sounds mean. Talk regularly to your cat. Speaking to them acquaints them with your voice and the emotions attached to different tones you create. Plus, speaking assures them you are paying attention. However, for cats to understand you, you need to understand what their sounds mean first so that you may communicate effectively. You might sound like the crazy cat lady talking to your cat alone, but your pet won’t think so.

    8. The Curled Tail
    An excited cat will flick its tail. Remember, the word "excited" does not always mean “happy.” It’s possible your cat feels threatened when flicking its tail. When cats want to play, their tail looks as if it’s waving. What tail movement displays your cat’s love for you? Look for a curved tip, which indicates ease. A tail straight up in the air with a curved tip may mean contentment and a willingness to act friendly.

    7. Let Them Lick You
    When cats lick themselves, they’re usually grooming. Many times, if you stroke your cat’s fur, they respond in kind by licking you to reassure you that they love you back. Think of a cat’s lick as the equivalent to humans hugging. For those who think animals licking you is gross, please don’t own a pet. You will disappoint them immensely.

    6. Head Butting
    Rams headbutt to fight. Even people head butt to fight. Felines headbutt to say they adore you. Kitty headbutts are non-aggressive and are a demonstration of trust. Heads faced down are weak spots for animals. A cat willing to put its head down to bonk you is a cat that trusts you with their life. Take some time to observe their facial movements. A slow blink means they’re comfortable around you. Blink back, and your cat receives the same message.

    5. Stress Relief, Cat Tree
    So maybe they don’t pay the bills or help the kids with their homework, but pets also feel stress! Anxious animals need an outlet extreme emotions. These creatures of habit do not accept change readily, but there are few things you can do to decrease stress in the home whether it’s a new pet, a newborn baby, or a new house. Catnip, as we said before, is good for relaxing them. You can also try herbs like dried chamomile or hops. Toys like a cat tree or scratching post assist cats in channeling that anxiety into energy.

    4. Personal Space, Please!
    If you haven’t caught on by now with all the references to wild cats, your feline is a territorial creature. Like in any relationship, no one likes smothering. Allow your cat all the personal space you want. After all, if you wanted a constant companion that followed you everywhere, you would’ve adopted a puppy. Create a space for your cat with a bed, toys, and water.

    3. Feed Them Their Favorites
    Sometimes, a bowl of warm food is just what the veterinarian ordered. Whatever your cat’s favorite food is, don’t forget to pamper them with it once in a while. Milk is a kitten favorite and is generally safe for them to drink, but older cats may exhibit signs of lactose intolerance. If your cat is no longer a kitten, you should purchase special cat milk for them to enjoy. Meats are a safe bet. Other human foods such as anything with whole grains, fish, and veggies are healthy for your cat to munch on, too. Take note of the kinds of cat food that they’re fond of and spoil them once in a while! Foods to steer clear from are grapes foods, garlic, bread dough, and chocolate.

    2. Groom Them Yourself Cats groom themselves all the time, that’s why furballs exist. Once in a while, try to groom your cat yourself. They will most likely welcome the gesture! Brushing their bodies is another way to exhibit affection through touch. Brushes made especially for cats are available to buy so that your cat has the optimal brushing experience. Experts suggest brushing 1 to 3 times a week for short-haired cats. Longer-haired cats need brushing 1 to 2 times a week. When high shedding season rolls around in the spring and summer, groom cats a little more often.

  • Source: https://youtu.be/ob4q0ODu7Jc


  • Heather Harrold

    Heather Harrold

     10 hours ago

    I played fetch with my cat and he always gave the toy back to me!

  • Abraham Doucette

    Abraham Doucette

     19 hours ago

    4:52 cats are hunters of course they can have raw meat! i never heard of a cat that cooks its food

  • Marit van der Velde

    Marit van der Velde


    What cat breed is the cat at 1:05? He is so beautiful!

  • Bailey Peters

    Bailey Peters


    My cat licks me after she bites me what does that mean? She also doesn’t like it when I groom her

  • William Jones

    William Jones

     2 days ago

    I know my cat loves me by because he doesn't eat my face while I am sleeping.

  • Bawngtim Kh

    Bawngtim Kh

     2 days ago

    Play with your cat...​How could they forget this VERY important thing to connect with your furry friends

  • Being Alex

    Being Alex

     2 days ago

    Yea my cat might trust me but I do not trust him

  • Victoria Gratton Adejumo

    Victoria Gratton Adejumo

     2 days ago

    Nike is the goddess in my house, we also have Isla and Narla. All will lick me Nike won't often show me her belly... But she does head nudges and... Insists on sleeping IN my arms when I go to sleep. A very clawed teddybear.. I am perfectly happy as their slave they help me manage anxiety and depression.

  • Hosea A

    Hosea A

     2 days ago

    i tried sining to my cat who usually is affectionate with me. she hissed at me and tried attacking. I thought "Hm, maybe she's just having an off day". I started singing to her another day when she was on my lap. She hissed, scratched me and ran away. Maybe I;m just bad at singing ahahha

  • shiven3456


     2 days ago

    Alexa! Is there any traffic Delhi-Jaipur highway?

  • Summit Winds.

    Summit Winds.

     2 days ago

    whose Lexa ?

  • Pocket Change

    Pocket Change

     3 days ago

    My son brought me a new girl in my life, he brought home a 8 week old Bengal Leopard kitty, oh what a girl

  • Pocket Change

    Pocket Change

     3 days ago

    When you said Alexa my lights went out and my tv turned on, ,ol, great video

  • Eliss Bell

    Eliss Bell

     3 days ago

    Please dont spread lies, raw meat is one of the things that cats needs the most. As the carnivore, raw meat is practically the basic stuff you MUST feed them. Its good for their teeth, their stomach. The meat you serve should be at least 48 hours frozen a refreezed for them (to destroy harmful substances). Please people feed your cat meat!



     3 days ago

    i recently got two kittens about two months ago, the male doesn't not like me at all, the female however, she always follows me around, she always plays with me, shows me her belly, whenever i'm in my room i hear her meow and make a weird noise to let my know she wants to come in, she holds my hand, cuddles up to me. yet she runs away from everyone else. let's just say she loves me

  • Frεε Heart and Paw Necklace on my Profile

    Frεε Heart and Paw Necklace on my Profile

     4 days ago

    Much cute! 🐱💖

  • Zara Riaz

    Zara Riaz

     4 days ago +1

    My cat loves it when I rub her belly. Idk y.

    Omg I didn’t know I would only get 1 like

  • Elizabeth Sager

    Elizabeth Sager

     4 days ago

    Okay I love this lady and everything that she does just to comment on that. I learned a lot from her videos so I'd like to comment on something she said. With much due respect, I want to say we do know why a cats "Kneads bread." The first reason is when they are with someone who is a "mother figure" to them. Now we know, that the only time a cat meows in it's life ,is to its owner and to it's biological mother. In kind, the reason for kneading bread, is to stimulate the mother when they are breastfeeding. if you will ever notice with a group of young kittens, you will watch them knead bread on there mother as they feed. Another reason they do it is for scent. They have set glands on the sides of their face, the base of their tail, and the bottoms of their feet, as well as the top of their head.. If you noticed that's normally the places they rub against things, as well as on us.😆🐱. They use the bottoms of their feet, when they're kneading, to make a scent between your scent and their scent to make one communal scent. I just wanted to inform because I have learned so much from her videos. I do a lot of reading on cat behavior and science so I'm just kind of a nerd and that's why I know this LOL thank you again.

  • R J

    R J

     5 days ago +1

    How could this garbage full of misinformation have been viewed over a million times? Cooked food - is the WORST food to give to cats! The best food is RAW chopped - NOT minced - chicken or duck meat, offal, powdered bones and added vitamins, raw egg yoke and water. If can't make it, buying wet cat food is second best. Dry cat food - just no! It causes inflammation that leads to diseases, liver and kidney failure, allergies, tumours and long suffering resulting in death. Also, processed cat food is EMPTY calories, so cats are always hungry and put on weight, while the body feeds OFF of their muscles to get nutrition !! So the poor cat is in so much pain!! And then bastards declaw cats as well!! Which is mutilation and the same as removing fingertips up to first knuckles in humans!! So much bad advice around!! This video should be BANNED! It does NOT deserve millions of views and making a fortune from the ads, while giving people TERRIBLE advice that will HURT CATS!!!!!!

  • Kpop duh

    Kpop duh

     5 days ago +1

    Start singing day6 songs .... my cat sings back then we have a karaoke lmao