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Are Wireless Gaming Mice ACTUALLY Faster??

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  • Published on:  Thursday, July 4, 2019
  • Check out Storyblocks Video at tested five wired and wireless mice with the Phantom Flex 4K camera at 1000 FPS to see if wireless mice were faster than wired!Buy: Logitech G703On Amazon: NewEgg: Logitech G MX518On Amazon: NewEgg: CORSAIR Dark Core SEOn Amazon: NewEgg: Logitech® MX Anywhere 2SOn Amazon: NewEgg: on the forum: Affiliates, Referral Programs, and Sponsors: Private Internet Access today at metal posters: Tech Tips merchandise at Linus Tech Tips posters at Test Benches on Amazon: Our production gear: - - - - Intro Screen Music Credit:Title: Laszlo - SupernovaVideo Link: Download Link: Link: Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High
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  • Lawrence De Torres

     16 days ago

    I love how LTT became basically mythbusters for tech/gaming.

  • US

     5 days ago

    Linus even paid out the Nose to let Alex turn LMG into M5

  • De ViceCrimsin

     9 days ago

    It's always been that way ... where have you been? Nothing has changed, lol. Its just has been in the process of being refined (over time).

  • Saucy Boi

     15 days ago

    Advantages of gaming mice:-Faster response times-More buttons-ErgonomicsDisadvantages:-Less excuses for losing

  • NikoVash Empire


    its ok there is always ol reliable "fuckin lag"

  • Drew Davenport

     2 days ago

    Great topic! What about another video with the same idea, but for keyboards?

  • Chaitanya Singh

     15 days ago

    Next video: "Why I paid for a $150,000 Phantom camera"

  • Nemesis Zero


    @Lee G from slo mo guys

  • HyperKillz

     4 days ago

    Your profile pic has 2 blue center caps

  • Ktimsson

     13 hours ago

    Am I the only one thinking that all the companies are false advertising 1ms mouses???

  • Daniel Murray

     16 days ago

    While you still have that slow-mo camera slap Linus with a fish

  • ttiization

     16 days ago

    TF2 style?

  • Gerard Lavoie

     16 days ago


  • Dtarchon

     15 days ago

    Do try out some testing on monitors. Aka Ghosting/Input Lag/Response time on different monitors or something similar. For science =)

  • Malus

     6 days ago

    @feha92 You notice it during normal use or do you mean mobile "gaming"?

  • Ergydion

     2 days ago

    I got a logitech 305 and it is fucking amazing, can highly recommend


     16 hours ago

    Note that even professional competition players don't perceive any delay below around 20 milliseconds I'm sure most people won't notice a 36 millisecond delay


     15 days ago

    Next episode should be;"We tried to find out whether Gamers are the most nitpicky creatures in existence"


     3 days ago

    @Tanksenior LolThis is actually very true

  • Tanksenior

     3 days ago

    Audiophiles take that cake I'm pretty sure :p