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Argentina - Netherlands [Penalty shootout][World Cup Semifinal]

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  • Published on:  Sunday, March 1, 2015
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  • Classic Foils Ltd.

     2 months ago

    Who agrees with me that 2014 WC was more exiting that 2018 WC..

  • Udah Vektorin Aja

     4 hours ago

    @Al-Ameen Alom hell no....

  • G Trades

     18 hours ago

    Classic Foils Ltd. nah it wasn’t 2018 was one of the best world cups in a long time

  • Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man

     14 days ago

    2014 Argentina GK: Good2018 Argentina GK: Shit

  • Ryanair Man7890

     2 days ago

    @Ali Muthana Yafai they deserved to

  • Afsal Tp

     3 days ago

    2014 keeper is Romero but 2018 keeper is armani

  • Gaming Official

     4 months ago

    Who was watching this in 2019…?

  • Ryan James Zietsman

     4 days ago


  • Briky Sayoo

     4 days ago


  • Sankalp Hk

     3 months ago

    Argentina missed Romero big time in the 2018 World Cup!

  • Andy Guzman

     10 days ago

    Most underrated goalie

  • Sh himon Ahamed

     11 days ago

    messi is a football king...

  • Sagar Vashisht

     7 months ago

    Sergio Romero was the real hero in Argentina's win.

  • Billy Jones

     3 days ago

    Javier maschersno

  • Veci

     11 days ago


  • sanji cyrus

     12 days ago

    5:51 messi was thinking he finally had a chance to win the World CupSo upset to watch his reaction now

  • AL3XZZ

     11 days ago

    Hugo Chavez8 Haha I think it would be vice versa, Messi is really humble

  • Hugo Chavez8

     11 days ago

    And brag about it to cr7

  • Nixon Sanchez

     3 months ago

    It breaks my heart that Messi might go out without a WC. He's done everything in his power to achieve the highest titles. But even then, he's still the GOAT.

  • Nixon Sanchez

     7 hours ago

    @The Whiskey SickMofoHell no lmao

  • The Whiskey SickMofo

     7 hours ago

    @Nixon Sanchez maradona is better

  • Sam Higginson

     11 days ago

    The things I would have done to see Messi lift that WC trophy. He deserves it more than anyone, and would have cemented his position as the greatest of all time for all the haters.

  • OvratedXx


    TIGERSABU I licked ur moms ass last night. God it was a hella of a match


     9 days ago

    Germany deserved it more. Stop licking his ass and accept that Germany was a much superior team.

  • vRoyal

     5 months ago

    Romero actually made me tear up bc I feel like he would’ve made a difference in 2018 World Cup

  • Richard Bazan

     13 days ago

    tekia gustave sadly he was injured before the WC

  • tekia gustave

     14 days ago

    What happen to him

  • Die Straße

     6 months ago

    Thank God Higuain didn't take a shot

  • Nico Topboy

     11 days ago


  • Justin He

     11 days ago

    Chin Wai Low higuain is a very good club player. but he a sellout in every national shit. He retired from Argentina with shit blood without a chance to prove himself.