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songs to make you feel safe and okay [ lofi hip hop mix ]

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, March 21, 2018
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    the songs are listed in the pinned comment.
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  • cribblingdepression


     a years ago +12188

    gentle reminder:
    ‬life can get rough sometimes; it can seem like sadness never ends like it's a loop of only bad things
    but bad moments are only moments, they don’t last forever,so please try your best to keep looking for the small
    positives in life: you can do it, you are an awesome, amazing,
    and wonderful person who deserves to heal and smile and experience happy days and
    in case no one has told you today - i’m so proud of you; every small step you’ve made,
    and every bit of effort you’ve put in,whether anyone notices or not, is extremely important.
    00:00 Halberd- Coffee on the beach
    02:58 Hentaidesu-오후 네시
    04:45 ブロックル-I tried love once and it didn't work
    06:12 Jinkoo-Season
    08:43 Burbank- Seeing your name makes me happy
    10:32 Elijah who- When you're near
    12:29 Ohwell- K.O ft tomppabeats
    14:04 Medda- Sweet scent
    16:07 Prima- June gloom
    18:24 Softly- Scared to love
    20:30 Hentaidesu- Before sunset
    22:29 ROOK1E-Cozy Autumn
    24:12 Empty cassette-Try:
    25:51 Chuckee- Birthday beats

  • kookie4nookie


     21 hours ago

    Safe and okay? I can dig that.

  • Chezz Block

    Chezz Block


    I have a really hard time sleeping...I often get this feeling like all the stuff I did wrong will come back to me and I feel sorry for the bad stuff...I stole from a local store my now ex Friend made me feel like it was okay this happens months ago abd it still keeps me up I've payed the owner back and retuned the items but I still can't shake the feeling can anyone please help (it's 3am)

  • Annie Hindle

    Annie Hindle


    Idk why but I go back and re listen to 4:10 when the little voice says "listen!". So cute and wholesome sounding

  • ItsMaisha



    Today I had an oral presentation and I was feeling so stressed out about it the thing is I knew my text like I read it so much time I knew it so well so like and then it was my turn to pass you know because everybody has to pass it was the last day so everybody needed to pass so it was my turn and I got up and I standing in the middle of the room and then I started my presentation and when after I started crying the teacher told me I could do it tomorrow bet she was going to get rid of 10 points so I’m still really stressed out and I hope that I do a great work and Luffy is the only thing making me happy right now so thank you so much for all of you guys being here💕🦋

  • Luna M

    Luna M

     2 days ago +1


  • Erin DC

    Erin DC

     2 days ago

    I’m so proud of myself, 10 months of suffering and now I am finally happy again :) I have learned to love myself, I may not be the prettiest or the best person I know but I’m okay with myself. I am finally happy again :) I hope the rest of you guys will be able to find your source of happiness you deserve it! I promise you everything will get better in life. Don’t give up. Just try to learn to love yourself and remember things will get better. Do NOT give up! These moments won’t last forever I know shit can get rough, it’s ok not to be okay sometimes :/ been there done that and it was the worst. Just know that it may be tough going through what you’re going through but, it is always worth it in the end. :) hope you guys have a good day and goodnight

  • T-Rens XD

    T-Rens XD

     2 days ago

    5:13 Naruto lo-fi Opening

  • maximlien devori

    maximlien devori

     3 days ago

    All the tracks are beautiful but what is the one at 6 min 13 plsss ????

  • HOB1022


     3 days ago

    I would love to know what's the genre at 6:20 is called. Those you hear in a coffee shop.
    I've been finding this type of music for study for so long and i still cant find an answer.

  • Minecraft Mika

    Minecraft Mika

     3 days ago +1

    I'm listening to this song with my cat :)

    I talk to my cat because his better than my "Friends"

  • Strange Komodo

    Strange Komodo

     4 days ago

    This actually makes me feel good inside, thank you, I just felt a little down, my insides hurt, this helps, thank you💕💕

  • Jelatinbumbir


     4 days ago

    5.23 it's Naruto music(remix)

  • Dipshit


     5 days ago

    I'm in love with someone who is also in love with somebody else.

  • Kolateral


     7 days ago

    im in my car at night and i feel a little frightened because i like scary shit lol

  • Sofia Maya

    Sofia Maya

     7 days ago

    My boyfriend of 2 years is taking a break with me and I'm almost positive he's breaking up with me. We've been through so much and we've loved so much and now it's ending. But that's okay. Life goes on and people grow and change and all you can do is wish them happiness. That doesn't mean it won't hurt like hell but I'll get through it and if you keep a positive mentality and a strong heart you can get through whatever is happening too. And if you ever feel like you can't, take a break. That's what I'm doing right now. Take a break to feel safe and comfy, and face whatever is going on with a clear mind. Then you just might be okay.

  • grace h.

    grace h.

     7 days ago +1

    I have finals soon

    My boyfriend hasn’t spoken to me in a few days

    I’ve cried more than ever today

    I have 6 chapters to annotate for English class

    But, in a few weeks this will just feel like a small piece in my life. In a few weeks I’ll be on Christmas break, packing my things so I can visit my dad. In a few weeks, I’ll feel ok, and I hope you do too.

  • Shinigami Bunny

    Shinigami Bunny

     7 days ago

    I live in a toxic home environment and have to deal with a physically abusive sister and an emotionally mentally verbally spiritually financially and at times physically abusive narcissistic grandmother on a daily basis and it gets so overwhelming that sometimes I think about ending it all

  • milkand honey

    milkand honey

     7 days ago +1

    life is ephemeral

    and so are you

    so go spread love
    hug your family/friends
    pet your doggo
    send nice cars
    call an old friend
    and love yourself!

    bye ily <3

  • Random human

    Random human

     7 days ago

    Love yourself!
    Don’t listen to what others say,
    their horrible opinions don’t matter,
    don’t let their harsh words get to you,
    don’t change yourself just for them.
    You are...well, you’re YOU.
    Be who you want to be, love who you want no matter what they look like, regardless the gender.
    Be proud.
    Life is too short for us to focus on the bad things, take a moment even right now to just smile!
    I believe in you, things will get better, everything will be okay.
    Don’t you dare think for one second, “I’m ugly”, “I’m untalented”, “I’m stupid”.
    You are amazing, beautiful and talented.
    Just because people and society are telling you otherwise, it doesn’t mean anything, your just a flower that’s taking a liitle longer to bloom.
    Keep on growing, eventually you’ll be that amazin beautiful flower. <3