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How to Optimize Windows 10 for Gaming and Productivity! (Comprehensive Guide) [2019]

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  • Published on:  Thursday, March 21, 2019
  • Do you want to speed up Windows 10? Do you want to improve performance on your PC? Want to make your system lighter? Do you want to free up CPU, RAM and battery usage? Want an FPS boost in all your games? Is clutter and bloatware a problem on your PC?#Windows10 #Optimization #Performance**********************************How does this guide affect my PC you may ask?- Lighter system, less resource intensive- More free disk space- More free RAM and CPU power- 100%, true 1:1 mouse precision- More FPS in games, less stuttering- Overall better performance- Less cluttered UI- More privacy control, less intrusive- New features and functionality- Longer battery life (laptops/tablets)- Fixes for game and program crashes/issues- Removal of bloatwareBefore and After comparison: 36:16**********************************▶ Downloads/Links/Commands:Windows 10 Debloater Script: 22:24 Windows 10 Bloat Script: 25:28 Script: 29:02 Anti-Beacon: 32:52 hibernation command: 34:30powercfg /h offTronScript: 37:12 Tweaker: 37:26 37:49**********************************▶ Timestamps:Sequence 1 (Prerequisites): 0:57- Windows Update- Restore PointSequence 2 (Settings): 3:18- Quality of Life changes- Personalization - Privacy control- Important fixes for Gamers!Sequence 3 (Control Panel): 10:37- Correct Virtual Memory - Faster boot time- Free up lots of disk spaceSequence 4 (Debloat & Stabilize): 21:28- PC clean up- Decluttering- Free up disk space- Battery life improvements- Huge performance gains- More Privacy controlSequence 5 (Finalization): 37:00- Recommendations- FPS boost**********************************▶ Credits:TechYesCityLowSpecGamerSycnexmatthewjbergerMeQQsmadbomb112BlackViperWinaeroSpybotReverievocatusVishal GuptaMarkCMicrosoft**********************************▶ Music:Reverie by Nomyn Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0 promoted by Audio Library
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    best 39 minutes of my life. thanks man my laptops never been better lol

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    Dude, best tutorial ever, definitely subbing for more.

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    Dude do you to make apps run in back ground???

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    dude. I loved this tutorial for many reasons. 1 it was easy2 it wasnt super hard to follow.3 it speeded up my computer. i am subscribing for that. thank you!


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    WELL EXPLAINED AND IT REALLY HELPS! thank u very very much keep it up bro

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    Lol.. this is amazing. 😂👌take me 30 minutes but worth it

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    bro your tips are cool its work great my laptop now more fast tnx keep uploading

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    I Just Cant Believe How You Only Have 1k Subs, You Deserve Much More, This Video Was Amazing.

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    just a hint: you don't need to hit apply and then ok all the time, it's enough to just click ok. ok is equal to apply and close.