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How to Optimize Windows 10 for Gaming and Productivity! (Comprehensive Guide) [2019]

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  • Published on:  Thursday, March 21, 2019
  • Do you want to speed up Windows 10? Do you want to improve performance on your PC? Want to make your system lighter? Do you want to free up CPU, RAM and battery usage? Want an FPS boost in all your games? Is clutter and bloatware a problem on your PC?#Windows10 #Optimization #PerformanceThis guide works with any version of Windows 10, new or old, including LTSB, LTSC and 1903.Wallpaper links: those of you who are having problems with certain apps or a missing Windows Store, check this:**********************************How does this guide affect my PC you may ask?- Lighter system, less resource intensive- More free disk space- More free RAM and CPU power- 100%, true 1:1 mouse precision- More FPS in games, less stuttering- Overall better performance- Less cluttered UI- More privacy control, less intrusive- New features and functionality- Longer battery life (laptops/tablets)- Fixes for game and program crashes/issues- Removal of bloatwareBefore and After comparison: 36:16**********************************▶ Downloads/Links/Commands:Windows 10 Debloater Script: 22:24 Windows 10 Bloat Script: 25:28 Script: 29:02 Anti-Beacon: 32:52 hibernation command: 34:30powercfg /h offTronScript: 37:12 Tweaker: 37:26 37:49**********************************▶ Timestamps:Sequence 1 (Prerequisites): 0:57- Windows Update- Restore PointSequence 2 (Settings): 3:18- Quality of Life changes- Personalization - Privacy control- Important fixes for Gamers!Sequence 3 (Control Panel): 10:37- Correct Virtual Memory - Faster boot time- Free up lots of disk spaceSequence 4 (Debloat & Stabilize): 21:28- PC clean up- Decluttering- Free up disk space- Battery life improvements- Huge performance gains- More Privacy controlSequence 5 (Finalization): 37:00- Recommendations- FPS boost**********************************▶ Credits:TechYesCityLowSpecGamerSycnexmatthewjbergerMeQQsmadbomb112BlackViperWinaeroSpybotReverievocatusVishal GuptaMarkCMicrosoft**********************************▶ Music:Reverie by Nomyn Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0 promoted by Audio Library
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  • Fxuk Inactive

    Fxuk Inactive

     14 days ago +33

    Decided to watch this video as I have a laptop which isn't the most up to date right now & I have recently been into FFXIV Online and want to play when I am outside too. That being said I did everything in this video with my laptop & My PC as I wanted to see if it impacted my up to date worktop too.
    These are my results
    Before - 10-14 FPS (512p/Lowest settings)
    After - 17-18 FPS (512p/Lowest settings)
    Before - 50fps (1440p/Max settings)
    After - 65-72FPS (1440p/Max settings)
    From that. I increased into a more stable amount however it is not good enough for my laptop. BUT, it did a substantial amount on my PC and feels alot more nicer.
    I enjoy that you mentioned about the precision with the mouse as it feels a lot more fluent on both my laptop & PC & The additional coding via powershell/cmd. You're the only person who has mentioned the mouse/cmd i've seen so far.
    Not making everyone feel demotivated after this comment, but definitely try yourself as it can work and on both outcomes something better happened. To make it a bit more easier to understand my specs on both here they are:
    GTX 1070 8GB OC
    i5-6600k OC (4.6ghz/core
    16GB 1 Stick 3200mhz
    1000 modular PSU.
    Integrated R5 graphics/R7 m260 Dedicated card (Linked)
    6 Hexa Core CPU (2ghz/core)
    8GB SDDR3 1 stick (idk the mhz)
    In conclusion. This is probably the best video there is for performance all around. If you want to explore a bit more into the gaming aspect, make sure to find safe guides on GPU/CPU overclocking (Won't recommend CPU OC for laptop) & specific Nvidia/radeon optimisation settings.
    Great job by finding all of this information. :)

  • Peanut Butter

    Peanut Butter

     4 months ago +345

    Dude, best tutorial ever, definitely subbing for more.
    Edit: my comment got unpinned but i still got 300 likes😎

  • zombieqtr


     18 hours ago +1

    Man really, thank you so much for your efforts, very much appreciated.

  • Vurge


     yesterday +2

    My Xbox app dosnt work anymore how to revert?




    i still go up to 30 - 40 fps in some games but the pc is hella fast but not the games PLEASE HELP!

  • Speech 100

    Speech 100

     2 months ago +264

    Errors are red
    My screen is blue
    I think I deleted
    System 32

  • Caner Iskrenov

    Caner Iskrenov


    tkz man it help a lot i was playing left 4 dead 2 on my poop laptop at 28fps but now i can play at 60+fps whit mods!! tkz

  • a random person

    a random person

     28 days ago +37

    Before video: Gets 16 fps in GTA V
    After video: Gets 30 fps in GTA V
    Thanks bro, you improved my fps

  • Decay



    Thanks alot! This is the best tutorial I've ever seen. My laptop is much faster now, thanks to you.

  • flare



    just saying the ultimate power plan does absolutely nothing but most of rest is good optimization

  • christian rivera

    christian rivera

     17 hours ago

    Nice video!, what about ram memory usage?

  • Cassian Robert

    Cassian Robert

     2 months ago +4

    thank you for this tutorial, I bought in my game Heroes & Generals a +20 fps increase, much better now, + my
      pc is much faster thanks!

  • captaain has many subs

    captaain has many subs

     2 months ago +101

    best 39 minutes of my life. thanks man my laptops never been better lol

  • Gamer Man

    Gamer Man

     4 days ago +2

    This is basically getting a better gpu pretty much free

  • ImpressiveName Here

    ImpressiveName Here

     2 months ago +11

    +1 freed GB of ram WOW t-y bro it was really helpful T-Y bro. Subscribing right now!

  • PeRidell Nebab

    PeRidell Nebab

     1 months ago +24

    when he said " will heavily improve your aim in first person shooting game" thats when i knew i had to click sub

  • Doctor Dankeston

    Doctor Dankeston

     2 months ago +77

    The perfect tutorial doesn't exis-

  • OptimusGaming 45

    OptimusGaming 45

     1 months ago +67

    PC/Laptop: You cannot play games much faster as you want
    Xander: Allowing us introduce ourselves

  • Stewey73


     4 days ago +9

    Before: 54% Ram usage
    Now: 33% Ram usage
    I'm so happy

  • Phyxiox


     4 days ago +2

    Thank you!! I need to pay RM12,000+ ($4000) for a Acer Aspire S7 in my country. Specs isn't that good and my Sims game usually runs on 5fps only. Now it usually runs on 9fps+ <3