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Gamerz - Animated Short Film by Kryssen Robinson

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  • Published on:  Saturday, November 22, 2014
  • #Romance #Gaming #Animation #VideoGamesA boy goes to the mall to buy some new video games. Lucky for him he meets a guy who likes all the same video games he does. Just as quickly as they become friends, he finds out this person is not what they seem to be.Gamerz T-Shirts and merchandise: 11/1/2016.)1 MILLION VIEWS! Wow, that's just amazing.-Really, just thank you, I'm glad that so many people enjoyed this film.(EDIT 11/7/2016.)2 MILLION VIEWS!That's even more amazing!I kinda wished this happened 2 years ago when I released this film, but still this is really great!(EDIT 6/15/2017.)-OVER 6 MILLION VIEWS!It just keeps amazing me how many views this video is getting. Some people have said that they even cried at the ending, which is interesting, since this wasn't a sad story.(EDIT 11/15/2017.)-OVER 10 MILLION VIEWS!I'm so glad so many people have watched and enjoyed this film. I still appreciate all the comments and views.(EDIT 1/30/2019.)-OVER 20 MILLION VIEWS!I'm sure many of you already know this, but I really love seeing all the feedback and comments for this film I made. As a Special Bonus here's the story to how I came up with Gamerz:In highschool, I was talking to one of my friends about having a speedrun contest of Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask.That made me think of an idea of a boy and girl playing an intense game together.It would get so intense that by the time they finished it, the girl would kiss the boy in excitement.I based the idea of the story around that, and decided to write in scenes that lead up to the big kiss scene.The first frame I drew for this film is the thumbnail, and I wasn't even intending to make the entire film. I just started drawing the idea of a boy touching a girl's chest, like I've seen in anime. Then I decided to test 2 features called "Smoothen" and "Graphics" in Adobe Flash. With both, I was able to create a "Boiling Line" effect that I thought looked really cool. After I finished that shot, I figured "Well maybe we get a shot of outside the mall, as we hear a slap making birds fly away".Effectively, I found myself animating the entire film, which took about a month to finish.It's funny how I wasn't planning on making "Gamerz" until I was a better animator, and by creating this film as early as I did, it helped me become a better animator.Not to mention, it showed that my ideas do have an audience. I can only hope you all will enjoy more of my ideas and animations in the future.And especially thank you to all you fans of YowLife.-KryssenP.S.: I'll start writing that sequel.
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  • Soul Born

    Soul Born

     2 years ago +7237

    man I wish life were this easy.
    Boy: I love that game
    girl: oh me too, wanna play?
    boy: sure.
    boom. married.

  • Bella Baby

    Bella Baby

     7 days ago +206

    And that kids, is how I met your mother.

  • NutShells


     14 days ago +560

    Video: Gets an instant kiss from a gamer girl
    Real Gamers: *Dies from tears*

  • Mustachekid 203

    Mustachekid 203

     21 days ago +432

    9 months later player 3 joined the party
    Get it?!?

  • Kiki Kalathia

    Kiki Kalathia

     14 days ago +269

    2016: watched
    2018: man I liked that animation I watched 1 1/2 years ago
    2019: Your wish has been granted.

  • Jai Nelly

    Jai Nelly

     2 years ago +1966

    I wish I had her room

  • Roblox Terms Of Use And Support

    Roblox Terms Of Use And Support

     21 days ago +94

    2019: i recommend you to watch this because its cute :3

  • Myu Crazy

    Myu Crazy

     21 days ago +155

    Welcome to another episode:
    This is recommended after 1000 years :'3
    congrats! This won an oscar 🏆

  • Nearly Xany

    Nearly Xany

     5 days ago +39

    I don't know bout you guys...
    but I need a sequel/similar animation to this

  • Animal jam News

    Animal jam News

     14 days ago +71

    Lol pervert he squeezed some particular body part wtf is going OOOOOOON

  • Juicy Microbe22

    Juicy Microbe22

     3 months ago +3183

    2019:Let’s recommend this to you

  • Luke Henderson

    Luke Henderson

     4 days ago +14

    I remember watching this a few months ago and I saw a comment saying the dude was innocent but rewatching it I can say he wasn't with that squeak

  • Reaper Leviathan

    Reaper Leviathan

     yesterday +4

    2017: closer
    2018:NOT MUCH

  • Memic


     2 days ago +3

    My kid: Dad, how did you and Mom met?
    Me: Well, Son. Let me tell you a Story about it.
    Edit: Btw, what's the name if the Music at the Credits?
    Reward: A Shoutout in my Comment

  • r c

    r c

     2 days ago +3

    That final boss didn’t seem very hard, it only shot in the just stick to the sides

  • Stubborn


     3 months ago +1648

    sexual assaults someone. Still gets a kiss
    Hotel? Trivago

  • Void Galaxy

    Void Galaxy

     6 days ago +26

    Boiii it's 2019, YouTube algorithm but the music is nostalgic 😭

  • Jose Hernandez

    Jose Hernandez

     7 days ago +23

    This guy: created a bond with a stranger just by playing teams and making both of there lives better

  • NoobSlothGamin 697

    NoobSlothGamin 697

     7 days ago +23

    Zelda = ❤
    Metal Gear = ❤
    Slipping through a floor with a hazard sign with a potential person becoming your partner forever = ❤
    2014-2019 this video still is on my favorite list.

  • Mr.64 Mr.64

    Mr.64 Mr.64

     5 days ago +12

    Bro my mans dead just squeased her titdy bro wtf