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12 Bizarre Discoveries in the Amazon

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  • Published on:  Saturday, September 23, 2017
  • Our planet offers a great flora and fauna. Especially the amazon is the home for various different kind of animals. Here are some of the most bizarre discoveries in the amazon.

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    Bizarre Amazon Discoveries

    If you’re venturing to a part of the world with the most unique species of animal on the planet, you’re probably in for some interesting finds. Coming up… Gigantic snakes, parasitic fish, running lizards, and more. Join us as we explore some of the most bizarre Amazon discoveries.

    To start things off, the apex predator of the Amazon river is a strange creature, but it’s by no means safe from other predators in this intense jungle. The black caiman is essentially a gigantic alligator.

    Green Anaconda
    With all of the biodiversity and incredibly variations of flora and fauna in the Amazon, it’s not surprising to find that the largest snake in the world calls this place home.

    If you’re worried about swimming in piranha infested waters, you might reevaluate your list of fears with our next discovery. The Arapaima is a carnivorous fish that takes up just a bit more space than the piranhas.

    Giant Otter
    When you see a family of otters playing around in a river, or even the ocean, often you first thought might be “how cute.” This is at least partly because the otters are small. The amazon is home to the largest species of this marine mammal, the aptly-titled “giant otter.”

    Not everything that’s terrifying in the amazon is giant… though admittedly, most creatures are. The candiru are tiny parasitic fish that work to latch themselves onto larger fish’s gills to feast.

    Bull Sharks
    When you’re spending all of your time worrying about the dangers of the Amazon, you might not get to fully experience the beauty and importance of the river...

    Electric Eels
    Okay, so now you’re getting concerned about being bitten, strangled, or crushed. Another, much less conventional thing to worry about with regards to Amazonian animals.

    Glass Frog
    Camouflage is a useful survival tactic for creatures that get fed upon, but sometimes in the Amazon this technique leads to interesting consequences. The glass frog is technically green, but if you were to see a specimen, that’s probably not the first thing you’d think.

    Decoy Building spider
    When threatened, many creatures on the planet like to make themselves look big, so as to scare away would-be predators. Cats raise their backs, some lizards flatten themselves, eben humans are told to look big when faced with bears.

    No matter where you go in the world, it’s hard to beat the classic, bizarre discoveries. The red bellied piranha is the original fear in the semi-deep river, and despite the Hollywood hype, these little guys aren’t as as all that.

    Jesus Lizard
    Many creatures discovered in the Amazon walk, and many live in the water, but very few do both at once. The Jesus lizard is one of the stranger inhabitants of this wild wonderland and it’s a sight to behold.

    Pink Dolphin
    At this point you might be thinking that nothing else that lives in the Amazon could be much of a surprise, considering the rest of this list. Well, the most famous inhabitant of the Amazon River would be unique and bizarre if found in the ocean, where most of its relatives dwell. Found in this river, it’s an absolute marvel.
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    Man, the Anaconda at 1:25 doesn't exist. Anacondas, commonly called Sucuri, are similar in size to giant Pitons!

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    Raul Fernando Dresch

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    Boat oh?? Man, is boto (bo-to)! And, Arapaima, not Arapalma!

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    does marine biologists only find 1 existing pink dolphin
    or does it find a pack of pink dolphin??

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