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Ronaldinho: 14 Ridiculous Tricks That No One Expected

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  • Published on:  Friday, July 27, 2018
  • Facebook: /djamel.ronaldo.7

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    In this video:

    14. Dancing Before Scoring goal vs Chelsea
    13. Ronaldinho No Look Assists ( passes )
    12. Ronaldinho goal that would have been vs bilbao
    11. Ronaldinho Back Assist vs Osasuna
    10. Ronaldinho Juggling With Closed Eyes
    9. Ronaldinho Free Kick vs England
    8. Ronaldinho Triple Sombrero vs Bilbao
    7. Ronaldinho Debut Goal vs Sevilla
    6. Ronaldinho Playing With The Crossbar
    5. Ronaldinho Bicycle Kick Goal vs Villareal
    4. Ronaldinho Controlling The Ball With His Back
    3. Ronaldinho Under The Wall Free Kicks
    2. Ronaldinho Smart Water Bottle Trick
    1. Ronaldinho Stealing The Ball From Goalkeepers

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  • Real Madrid Albania

    Real Madrid Albania

     a years ago +15893

    Simply, the Best Player of All Times!

  • Lloyd Lerefolo

    Lloyd Lerefolo

     11 hours ago +1

    The "God" of Football!

  • Kumar Krishna Sharma

    Kumar Krishna Sharma

     14 hours ago

    God of football for me.🙏🙏🙏😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️

  • Feang Lampard

    Feang Lampard


    A real legend

  • YoOsAf Muhammed

    YoOsAf Muhammed

     yesterday +1

    Who put dis like to this; UNBELIEVABLE!!!

  • Rex Holez

    Rex Holez


    #6 should be #1, like wtf man nobody else can do that.

  • Febri Kopler

    Febri Kopler



  • Debashis Sarkar

    Debashis Sarkar

     2 days ago

    The innocent smile!!!

  • Ayaan Narayan

    Ayaan Narayan

     2 days ago

    Off side? 8:20

  • Chriscarlo Gordon

    Chriscarlo Gordon

     2 days ago

    The god of football simple

  • Charles Cardenas

    Charles Cardenas

     2 days ago

    Que fantástico jugador es R10

  • LB Official

    LB Official

     2 days ago +1

    People actually think Messi and Ronaldo are better 😂

  • Pietro Mannari

    Pietro Mannari

     2 days ago

  • zsolt kecskés

    zsolt kecskés

     3 days ago

    Absolutely genius! He is:
    The King of football!
    The nightmare of defenders!
    The killer of goalkeepers!
    The master of skills and techniques!
    The favorite of the fans!
    The greatest football player of all times. You are the Best, the greatest, the inimitable. Respect and love Ronaldinho! He showed us what football really meant for, he played all the time with love and joy. Thank you Ronaldinho!

  • TheGoreMachine


     3 days ago

    The crossbar one is fake

  • sid


     3 days ago +3

    The only man who does not play football.....he enjoys football - Ronaldinho

  • muamer durmisevic

    muamer durmisevic

     4 days ago +1

    Imagine Xavi Iniesta and Ronaldinho

  • nikja tadu

    nikja tadu

     4 days ago +1

    For me he is always better then others players but dint know the others publics opinions😎😎😎

  • lightning's Clash

    lightning's Clash

     4 days ago +1

    Dude,ronaldinho was not actually blindfolded ,if he was ,how did he follow the ball exactly where it went

  • Atul Kohli

    Atul Kohli

     4 days ago +1

    help me with the music pls ? which one is it ?