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  • Published on:  Thursday, May 9, 2019
  • Here You Go Trailers For TOP UPCOMING COMEDY MOVIES 201900:00 Shaft02:07 The Hustle04:35 Being Frank07:07 Good Boys10:14 Once Upon a Time In Hollywood11:50 My Spy14:00 Stuber15:56 Fighting with My Family17:51 Pokemon Detective Pikachu20:16 Men in Black 422:42 The Angry Birds Movie 225:17 The Secret Life of Pets 228:04 The Art Of Self Defense 29:15 The Kissing Booth 2
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  • Furious Trailer

    Furious Trailer

     3 months ago +637

    Which Comedy movies you are going to watch?
    00:00 Shaft
    02:07 The Hustle
    04:35 Being Frank
    07:07 Good Boys
    10:14 Once Upon a Time In Hollywood
    11:50 My Spy
    14:00 Stuber
    15:56 Fighting with My Family
    17:51 Pokemon Detective Pikachu
    20:16 Men in Black 4
    22:42 The Angry Birds Movie 2
    25:17 The Secret Life of Pets 2
    28:04 The Art Of Self Defense
    29:15 The Kissing Booth 2



     3 months ago +692

    “Hey stranger things go fu*ked yourself!” Lol

  • fgfghfhfhfh


     3 months ago +314

    Dave Bautista becoming the new Dwayne Johnson over here

  • Captain America

    Captain America

     3 months ago +216

    Shaft seems great 👍
    Good boys seems fun 😂

  • Mos Melendez

    Mos Melendez

     3 months ago +384

    7:08 So Seth Rogen wrote a story about his pals JAmes Franco, Craig Robinson, and himself when they were kids?

  • Hcs _Backwatervalves

    Hcs _Backwatervalves

     3 months ago +309

    “Are we 5th graders or are we 6th graders?”
    Me:probably 2nd graders

  • Yura Petrosyan

    Yura Petrosyan

     3 months ago +560

    It's so unusual that Samuel Jackson is without his eye patch😂😂😂.
    Hello Marvel fans😉👍

  • Paolo Gamer

    Paolo Gamer

     3 months ago +212

    Definitely gonna watch shaft.... looks great😁

  • Nicanor Tiongson

    Nicanor Tiongson

     3 months ago +213

    Well kids, you can do all the most violent act ever in the movie but you can not watch the scene you made.
    Because you're still kids.

  • Weak


     3 months ago +298

    this looks like a wedding at the end of shrek 😂😂😂



     3 months ago +114

    Lady Syphilis
    Madam Chlamydia

  • Saitama


     2 months ago +44

    8:25 I laughed so hard my mom asked me why’d i was crying

  • Niiphox


     1 months ago +26

    It's weird to see long time marvel actors casting I different movies now...😕

  • Chika Taka

    Chika Taka

     2 months ago +25

    Men in black 4
    An alternate timeline where Thor and Valkyrie fight skrulls infected with the extremist virus that are pulling a winter soilder in this timelines version of shield.

  • Wally Spencer

    Wally Spencer

     3 months ago +3

    well im here after endgame session...i couldnt watch Chris hemsworth the same way

  • Skai King

    Skai King

     1 months ago +2

    I wil watch ANYTHING that even has the words SETH ROGEN

  • C. Banks2010

    C. Banks2010

     7 days ago +8

    That sh*t Is crazy when the dad has a whole other life ... Frank .. 🤦

  • UniQue Frad

    UniQue Frad

     1 months ago +9

    Good boys : PORB... OOHHHHHHHH
    Good boys 1 : they didnt even kiss
    Good boy 2 : well not in the mouth.. at least...

  • David Baranski

    David Baranski

     3 months ago +57

    if bruce lee gets beaten in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, I will sue the director

  • Bipin Babu

    Bipin Babu

     6 days ago +1

    hollywood has so changed.blacks act in black movie,whites act in white movie...thanks to the new usa president😆