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Acts With Attitude: 5 Angriest Contestants on Got Talent

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, June 22, 2016
  • Here are five acts with some of the biggest attitudes on all of Got Talent... Never miss another upload! Subscribe to Got Talent Global and get the latest videos every week! ▶︎

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  • Asian Cuber

    Asian Cuber

     an hour ago

    The 2nd from the last is like 16-17 and still immature no offense

  • ItzBryanN


     4 hours ago

    They should of done it after the puberty because they got a whole lot of voice cracks

  • XxLunarWolfGachaxX


     4 hours ago

    The fifth got turned from AGT to a roast battle..

  • Simon Tobias

    Simon Tobias

     5 hours ago

    oh what is this ?

  • Gabby Yang

    Gabby Yang

     6 hours ago

    Judges are so damn rude but there are judges🖕🏿

  • Kim Dim

    Kim Dim

     6 hours ago

    Singing trolls = idiots

  • garry's fan

    garry's fan

     8 hours ago

    the worst elton john cosplay i have ever seen

  • Ilyas Md. Amin

    Ilyas Md. Amin

     8 hours ago

    Larry the Mime doesnt count😂

  • Mr. Sunny

    Mr. Sunny

     11 hours ago

    They are singing trolls

  • Homenutt


     12 hours ago

    The guy who got called useless kinda looked like tapeface without the tape and eyeshadow

  • Zeyra uwu

    Zeyra uwu

     15 hours ago

    The girls at num 2 was so rude...
    I mean not really that rude. It just like they r powerpuff girls or something?

  • HELLO its me EnzoMoreno

    HELLO its me EnzoMoreno

     16 hours ago

    The 3rd man sing her hairs looks like a bigface of the duck

  • Midget Manz

    Midget Manz

     21 hours ago

    Y'all got an attichude

  • Amelia Attard

    Amelia Attard

     22 hours ago

    Why is that 3 guy wearing nail poilsh

  • Huijing Zhen

    Huijing Zhen


    Gosh, these people can just keep it their mind.
    These people are rude.
    I feel so bad.
    Do they know much time they practiced?
    But some are rude back.
    It’s just disrespectful.

  • XD gamer

    XD gamer

     yesterday +1

    14:27 haha your a Moran

  • ツSalary



    Simon is a b***

  • Caleb Larsen

    Caleb Larsen


    The second one would make a great karen

  • Garlic Bread

    Garlic Bread

     yesterday +1

    What if Simon judged Gordan Ramsay?

  • Light Light

    Light Light


    The green girl is mean but the other ones seem very nice 🙂