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I Feel Fantastic

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, April 15, 2009
  • In ancient Greek mythology, Pygmalion was a highly accomplished Cypriot sculptor. Though skilled at imitating the human form, and well acquainted with it's subtleties, he became disgusted by it when he witnessed the Propoetides prostituting themselves. These women were punished by Venus for their lack of worship with a coarseness of skin and a crudeness of nature, and were then forced into prostitution. Seeing this, Pygmalion the sculptor was repelled and could no longer appreciate women.
    Seemingly alone, Pygmalion sought to create for himself a perfect, pure, unsullied companion. He used his particular skills to this end: he created a statue bride.

    What you are about to watch is a mysterious video. It's origin is attributed variously, and almost certainly spuriously, to various abstract artists or surrealists. The truth is that what we are seeing, and what we perceive to be strange and disturbing, is actually beauty to it's creator.
    Perhaps what we are viewing is the work of a modern Pygmalion. To him, her toneless voice, the paleness of her skin and the comparative vibrancy of her lips may indeed be the very embodiment of a perfect woman...
    Consider the mind-scape of the creator. In whose mind does this appear beautiful? In whose mind is this pure, near worshipful? Are we missing out on his perspective?

    Who are we to be afraid or to judge them? He may well love her fully, perhaps more fully than any of us could ever hope to be loved. In the mind of her creator, she is a near goddess; the perfect representation, not just of femininity, but the peak of human potential. A perfectly satisfactory being.

    How does that kind of unconditional love feel?

    Well, how does she feel?

  • Source: https://youtu.be/rLy-AwdCOmI


  • Meridon Mage

    Meridon Mage

     an hour ago

    I lost an earplug in the kitchen again..
    I just realised that I have the habit of sleepwalking day & night around the house.. might be T-Virus!

  • teu cu

    teu cu

     an hour ago

    Sai pra lá diabu

  • Blue the Stikbot

    Blue the Stikbot

     an hour ago

    Remember when people thought this was made by a serial killer?

  • Exavier Ruiz

    Exavier Ruiz

     an hour ago

    this kinda bops tho

  • NeedlessTv‎ Official

    NeedlessTv‎ Official

     2 hours ago

    2020 anyone?

  • احمد Ndjdj

    احمد Ndjdj

     2 hours ago

    Hhhhhhhhhh and aaaaaaaaaa

  • hadi pirzada

    hadi pirzada

     2 hours ago

    Me when i feel fantastic

  • Alexia Delorme-Pratt

    Alexia Delorme-Pratt

     3 hours ago

    this is creeping the hell out of me!!!!

  • Leon Levy

    Leon Levy

     4 hours ago +1

    You came here because of Vsauce?

  • experimental memes

    experimental memes

     4 hours ago

    fuck this video

  • ihiminen


     5 hours ago

    I feel fantasdick

  • ihiminen


     5 hours ago

    WHO is looking 2020?

  • κιπροσ pro marshmelo

    κιπροσ pro marshmelo

     6 hours ago

    Why he or she is not doing videos?

  • дикая львица

    дикая львица

     7 hours ago


  • Nikola Grujicic

    Nikola Grujicic

     9 hours ago +1

    I so scary

  • Richard Adams

    Richard Adams

     9 hours ago +1

    Is that madonna

  • 涅槃寂静


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  • Riley M

    Riley M

     9 hours ago +1

    Got so freaked out I started watching the door for this thing to walk in. I hate the uncanny valley so much

  • 그르르렠


     10 hours ago

    WHAT THE FURK IS THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???

  • Farah Khan

    Farah Khan

     11 hours ago

    Take me demon