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[ENG SUB] BTS Memories of 2018 DVD - Cut 2 GYM TIME

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 8, 2019
  • Source: https://youtu.be/rk9xw6LfcKo


  • cloves lewis

    cloves lewis

     5 hours ago

    And I fell in love with V all over again 😍💜

  • Xaturns


     13 hours ago

    Tae looks so tanned cause standing beside suga, suga's skins really like a vampire

  • Dina hashaTae

    Dina hashaTae

     21 hours ago

    1:50 is me Watching Tae working out 😍😍

  • Dina hashaTae

    Dina hashaTae

     21 hours ago

    Taehyung working out looking like a freaking hot masterpiece😍😍😍

  • Hannah Elliott

    Hannah Elliott


    Tae has Disney Prince hair.

  • AxOfficial


     2 days ago

    No one talking about Jungkook lifting Jimin at 0:24 ? This is da cutest thing I've ever seen 🙏🏻💀💘💖

  • Jomaymah Naveed Siddiqui

    Jomaymah Naveed Siddiqui

     2 days ago

    May I ask why jungkook was boxing with glittery pants and a tie

  • Infiring Wingsope

    Infiring Wingsope

     2 days ago

    My lawd how did i get here

  • ღSofi The Army uwuღ

    ღSofi The Army uwuღ

     2 days ago

    1:31 ese es el secreto de tae por eso tiene mas nalga xdxd

  • Eun Jeyuel

    Eun Jeyuel

     2 days ago

    Rm and jungkook so cute when they take ice cream 😄

  • GraceLovely


     2 days ago

    0:24 me
    0:34 oh never mind-

  • Coconut Kisses

    Coconut Kisses

     2 days ago

    V looking like a 10 course meal....



     2 days ago

    Gosh v is so thick✨✨✨😱

  • aby Rodriguez

    aby Rodriguez

     2 days ago

    0:42 😂😂 jin 👌😂

  • ananya lakshmi

    ananya lakshmi

     3 days ago

    Jungkook is me while eating ice cream!😂

  • vishakha m

    vishakha m

     3 days ago

    Oh again here 90% comments for taehyung. love him so much.

  • sugadaddy drizzy

    sugadaddy drizzy

     3 days ago

    tae is unbelievably cute, handsome, hot, sexy, beautiful, pretty, soft. cold, hard, baby, manly, and intimidating all wrapped in one its so hard to explain like its not coz hes just a baddie but like how... he is that bitch like damn that hurted. i want to peg him but he's also zaddy like u can take me any day i am simply a hole sir. *big sigh

  • 뷔오는날


     3 days ago

    Jung Kook So Cute♡

  • Lorde


     3 days ago

    Thank you so much for posting this!!! 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • Salih Rajab

    Salih Rajab

     3 days ago +1