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5 Gadgets to help you Wake-Up

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, January 3, 2018
  • Looking for a little assistance to help you wake up in the morning? Here's 5 gadgets designed to do the job...with varying degrees of success.

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  • StanCanCount YT

    StanCanCount YT


    why doesnt the ruggie have a "time to kick gum and chew ass but i'm all out of ass" sound

  • CTECH 9

    CTECH 9

     2 days ago

    5:15 iSsAtT rEeL??/?

  • H . A

    H . A

     2 days ago

    2017.... you sure..

  • notthere83


     2 days ago

    There's a better way - just sleep as much as your body wants to.
    I've been sleeping for about 2 months without an alarm clock by now and still don't sleep more than 8-9 hours.
    If you get enough sleep regularly, you simply won't be able to stand staying in bed.

  • Andrew tube

    Andrew tube

     5 days ago

    I have a gadget that wakes you up. A dog :).

  • Epic Man

    Epic Man

     6 days ago

    who sleeps with a power supply

  • Alfie_Gamez


     7 days ago

    Omg I need a pavlock thing that will help me soo much!!

  • Benpitt


     7 days ago

    How about a alarm clock?

  • Joe Yes Just Joe

    Joe Yes Just Joe

     7 days ago

    I use my phone conencted to my JBL charge 4 on full volume but I still cant get waken up

  • Zak Srdanovich

    Zak Srdanovich

     14 days ago +1

    Aight ima need that shock thing no nut November, make that 2...

  • bleron breznica

    bleron breznica

     14 days ago

    the best alarm is crows

  • James Middleton

    James Middleton

     14 days ago

    To be fair I'm a compulsive finger sniffer. Don't know why it smells like shit but I've just got to go for another

  • James Middleton

    James Middleton

     14 days ago

    This can't be too good of a clock if you can't realise that it was 2018 when you uploaded this

  • Lauren Henley

    Lauren Henley

     14 days ago

    I'm getting the pavlock and the rug one
    edit: and the Phillips one

  • Lauren Henley

    Lauren Henley

     14 days ago

    I fucking love the first one hahha

  • Joema Techi

    Joema Techi

     21 days ago

    4:20 what if you get a heart attack

  • Alim Akkoyun

    Alim Akkoyun

     21 days ago +1

    Linus: So maybe you’re one of those weird cold shower types..
    Me: cries in ice

  • Pro Shark

    Pro Shark

     21 days ago

    it's 2018

  • Jac Johnson

    Jac Johnson

     21 days ago

    The Pavlock! Brilliant name. Hopefully it won't make me salivate.....

  • Thane Zollman

    Thane Zollman

     21 days ago

    7:53 linus whatever happened to your pavlock?