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Top 100 Best Viral Videos of the Year 2019!

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  • Published on:  Saturday, November 30, 2019
  • 2019 has been a huge year with many ups and downs throughout. We have put together a HUGE 100 clip round up with our best viral videos...don’t worry we know you guys have probably seen a few of these before but we chucked in a some fresh ones just for you!

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  • Claúdio Neves

    Claúdio Neves

     44 minutes ago

    15:40 português caralhooo

  • Jennifer Loves Make-up, Nails, Hair & Lashes

    Jennifer Loves Make-up, Nails, Hair & Lashes

     7 hours ago

    That bird crying like a baby was hilarious

  • Kat Alday

    Kat Alday

     8 hours ago

    That chemtrail was stunningly mesmerizing!

  • Jaila Duncan

    Jaila Duncan

     22 hours ago

    That little girl holding her new baby sister at 22:00 is literally the most heartwarming and adorable thing I’ve ever seen😭❤️😫

  • isbsey



    "Happy Birthday to You" is the most sung song in the world and it's a very easy tune, but I've yet to hear it sung in tune on a video!
    Singer serenaded travellers on the Tube but WE only hear the last two notes. I thought my sound had gone. I even went into my settings!
    Wow!! That stag beetle elbow tattoo!! Amazing!!!
    Who are these stupid people standing so close to gorillas?

  • Em Bowker

    Em Bowker


    my heart fell in love with you... 💕💞❣

  • Trajectory



    Her: i wish my hair looked fire

    Her hair: your with is granted "burns"

  • Miss Gordon

    Miss Gordon


    This is the funniest video I have ever watched

  • Nicole Salmon

    Nicole Salmon


    Seen many a things on the L train. Never a whole Thanksgiving feast. Table and all

  • E Karsens

    E Karsens

     2 days ago

    Fuck I want a penquin

  • Alvin


     2 days ago


  • Bryanna Kelly

    Bryanna Kelly

     2 days ago

    Who repose that most of these videos are with animals

  • Pretty Ugly

    Pretty Ugly

     2 days ago

    Most of the videos are not from 2019, a good part are just average videoes, but a few where really good (and from 2019).

  • Duke the meister

    Duke the meister

     2 days ago

    My 3 year old daughter slapped the shit out of her baby brother straight away to let him know who was boss. We were hoping it would be all cute like the video on here but nah.

  • Bex H

    Bex H

     2 days ago

    Felt so bad for the guy with the engagement, but then should probably should propose around water where you could drop it and lose it. But hey at least she said yes and seemed super happy despite it all!

  • Jennifer Faransa

    Jennifer Faransa

     3 days ago

    The birthday song sounded like some incantation and then how ironic that her name is sabrena and her hair caught fire at the end of the song😱😱

  • Greys Anatomy Killed Me

    Greys Anatomy Killed Me

     3 days ago

    Apparently Asian babies are stupid.

  • L Soule

    L Soule

     3 days ago

    #2 was fucking stupid

  • Mandeep N

    Mandeep N

     3 days ago

    Cats are so weird xD 👌🏼

  • ckrause81


     3 days ago

    The adopted girl telling her mommy her story just made my year!