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How difficult is Frank Lampard's job at Chelsea? | Super Sunday | Mourinho, Neville and Souness

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  • Published on:  Sunday, August 11, 2019
  • SUBSCRIBE ► Mourinho makes his debut on Sky Sports alongside Gary Neville and Graeme Souness and discusses Frank Lampard's appointment at Chelsea. Do the pundits believe this is the most difficult job for a Chelsea manager in the Roman Abramovic era?Watch Premier League LIVE on Sky Sports here ►►TWITTER:►FACEBOOK:►WEBSITE: FROM SKY SPORTS ON YOUTUBE:►SKY SPORTS FOOTBALL:►SKY SPORTS BOXING:►SOCCER AM:►SKY SPORTS F1:
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  • Fabian Garcia

    Fabian Garcia

     7 days ago +4356

    The real winner of the transfer window is sky sports for signing Mourinho. 🙌🏽

  • Lord Diego Costa

    Lord Diego Costa

     7 days ago +2121

    Mourinho was staring into Souness' soul after he said Lampard has the hardest job

  • Baslan Halaw

    Baslan Halaw

     7 days ago +3530

    I see Mourinho speaking. I click. It's that simple.
    Edit: I sink this is the most likes I got on a single comment

  • Hendy Prima

    Hendy Prima

     7 days ago +2193

    I trust his words more than anyone else in Sky Sports. Fact, simple, easy-minded.

  • shakil ahmed

    shakil ahmed

     7 days ago +2103

    Literally Nobody:
    Mourinho: “I sink”

  • Zach Z

    Zach Z

     7 days ago +1087

    Lmaooo 3:49 Mourinho: “ The most difficult?? You want me to punch you right here right now?”

  • Kawooya Alex

    Kawooya Alex

     7 days ago +850

    Can’t wait to see Jose and scholes in the studio lol

  • George Slater

    George Slater

     7 days ago +445

    As soon as mourinho said "i agree" to Nevilles point, Neville suddenly gets this boost of energy lol 4:24 mourinho words is magic lol

  • Tyler Lee

    Tyler Lee

     7 days ago +455

    2nd is the 1st of the loosers. What a comment

  • thompson223


     7 days ago +464

    I love Jose on here BTW Sky you really did a genius move bringing him in. He's so damn clever

  • Ibrahim Talks

    Ibrahim Talks

     7 days ago +420

    “The Most Difficult?”
    Jose was vexed 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Muhammad Ali Waheed

    Muhammad Ali Waheed

     5 days ago +48

    Reports say ESPN's bid of $200m for signing Jose Mourinho has been rejected by Sky Sports. And i sink that's a good move

  • Dylan Taylor

    Dylan Taylor

     7 days ago +455

    Love Mourinho, severly underappreciated at united. The board failed him as they will do until they leave.

  • Jordan Schlansky

    Jordan Schlansky

     7 days ago +440

    Gary Neville and Mourinho together on a panel? Boy that must be awkward.

  • Ben Kipgen

    Ben Kipgen

     5 days ago +78

    "By signing Frank, they didn't buy players, but they bought time"
    Jose on fire

  • october 11

    october 11

     7 days ago +135

    Mourinho sitting face to face with the guys who have always criticized him last season 😂😂

  • Squish Madis

    Squish Madis

     7 days ago +405

    I agree with Mourinho and Neville

  • Daniel Davies

    Daniel Davies

     7 days ago +306

    Replace Souness with Mourinho full time. Such a good speaker.

  • Alan George

    Alan George

     7 days ago +282

    If Mourinho believes Lampard will finish 4th this season, then I'm more than happy!
    Because honestly, being as realistic as possible, I don't expect any trophy this season. It's all about building the team.

  • Joas PL

    Joas PL

     7 days ago +377

    Special one is the one of the most successful managers all of time. One of the greatest managers in this planet