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  • Published on:  Monday, May 28, 2018
  • This is the greatest flexing of All Time
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  • James Barret

    James Barret

     an hour ago

    What a goat🐐🐐

  • Sad hawk

    Sad hawk

     2 hours ago

    bruh can you be more depressed

  • Snowy


     6 hours ago

    Buck teeth Ryan

  • Dexter Bettincourt

    Dexter Bettincourt

     14 hours ago

    hes a qeir

  • Pseudonym


     16 hours ago +2

    There should be a channel dedicated to kicking the shit out of douchetoubers and throwing piss and shit on them while a whole crowd laughs at them. I'd smash that like button so hard

  • Antoine Jameson

    Antoine Jameson

     16 hours ago

    Getting flexed on lol

  • UnknownGamer40464


     21 hours ago +1

    Can't wait for this video to be taken down for bullying

  • I'm Just Saiyan

    I'm Just Saiyan

     22 hours ago

    And yet you make him more famous by talking about him

  • Jason Larson

    Jason Larson

     22 hours ago

    this video made me vomit too much douche

  • LiquidDubstepBrah


     yesterday +2

    In before this gets taken down because of new terms of service

  • Josh Thibodeau

    Josh Thibodeau

     yesterday +1

    wait is this leafy?

  • A. Cooper

    A. Cooper


    NYES. I was scared youtube would remove this one since you roast Ryan Jackass pretty hard.

  • jacky sun

    jacky sun


    Until i randomly watches this vid i had no idea who de fuck is Ryan Franklin. Like people keep saying a legend juice wrld died i am here like who the fuck is that?

  • Kai Proctor

    Kai Proctor


    This is wonderfully refreshing . I can't agree more with everything I am hearing !

  • Amit Assasson

    Amit Assasson


    when he said chaz finsters pubic hair i lost it

  • Connor Woloshyn

    Connor Woloshyn


    I want your eyebrows

  • Boss Invader

    Boss Invader


    His accent annoyed the shit out of me before I even heard him make a sentence.

  • Wudow



    Only people that got just enough money but are not rich but wants to be rich flexes

  • Noah Meucci

    Noah Meucci


    Why Critical look like a young Captain Price?

  • Joshslan



    These people are only relevant because parents suck and don't get their kids off the net, or don't watch the crap they see on youtube.