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  • Published on:  Monday, May 28, 2018
  • This is the greatest flexing of All Time
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  • it is a mystery

    it is a mystery

     a years ago +11434

    Such a hypocrite Charlie... We all know you just used this video as an excuse to flex your life-sized Watto. Unbelievable.

  • Gavin Dooley

    Gavin Dooley

     2 months ago +4091

    Shout out to man with 3.4M subscribers and wears a regular t-shirt

  • Sabot Ximénez

    Sabot Ximénez

     3 months ago +2654

    Your dry, biting sarcasm is the only thing that can quench my thirst.

  • nuu7


     3 months ago +1936

    How tf have I only just stumbled across this guy? This channel is pure gold.

  • Tiger V20

    Tiger V20

     1 months ago +662

    Cr1TiKal: Judge
    Audience: Jury
    Idubbbz: executioner

  • Badd Mouth

    Badd Mouth

     3 months ago +4696

    "Gucci condom on my micropenis # Blessed" You're the best. Haha.

  • TheMoldyNugget


     3 months ago +650

    6. Douchetubers always have the micro dong

  • Jack Aboy

    Jack Aboy

     1 months ago +527

    He looks like bling bling boy from johny test

  • RetroGamingGenesis


     28 days ago +382

    "My shoes are worth more than your entire outfit".
    Congrats, mine were $6 at Dollar General and do the exact same thing yours do.

  • Nicodemus Tretyakov

    Nicodemus Tretyakov

     1 months ago +146

    Outside of the suburbs, flexing gets you robbed.

  • Stop it with the moth memes

    Stop it with the moth memes

     1 months ago +194

    He's like a psychopath without the intelligence

  • Avanish Bharadwaj

    Avanish Bharadwaj

     2 months ago +461

    “Your hair looks like Anthony Sullivan’s Smart Mop after it was used to clean up a pile of Chaz Finster’s pubic hair”
    The best roast in the history of mankind 😂 😂🤣🤣

  • IlhoBloodyKing


     2 months ago +517

    6:40 . He is so intelligent that he says 2 years and holds up 3 fingers.

  • Nero


     3 months ago +286

    I wonder what kind of birds nestle in his hair during winter

  • eyal rozenshpeer

    eyal rozenshpeer

     6 months ago +4002

    Your channel is good, reminds me of leafy but with a moral conscience.

  • Zippy


     1 months ago +79

    Ryan Franklin has one of the most hateable, douchy faces I've ever seen.

  • oofdotoof e

    oofdotoof e

     1 months ago +83

    “I don’t INTENTIONALLY flex on my fans.”
    what do you mean I don’t intentionally-

  • Chyleen Lopez

    Chyleen Lopez

     2 months ago +106

    "I honestly don't think that fan mail is actually from somebody, I feel like he just wrote that himself as 'Jessica"
    I could not contain my laughter.

  • Fluffay Duckay

    Fluffay Duckay

     3 days ago +4

    3:43 why are his nails painted red...

  • Player


     a years ago +6238

    Why do douchetubers always have two first names? Jake Paul, Logan Paul, Ryan Franklin