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Building a Shipping Container Home | EP02 Moving, Cutting, and Framing a Container House

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  • Published on:  Monday, February 25, 2019
  • In Episode 2 of How to Build a Shipping Container House we will go over how to move shipping containers with a crane and place them onto the concrete foundation. I will show how I cut openings for doors and windows in the shipping containers and then welded in different types of steel reinforcement. We started the process of installing the plumbing in the floor of the container and show how we had to cut away some of the steel beams to make room for the pipes. I will also talk about how the structural requirements for reinforcing shipping containers and outline the wood structural system we installed in the container.

    Link to the company i bought my shipping containers from:

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    The website for this project is now up. We will keep adding to it so please be patient.

    Links and Notes:
    GoalZero solar panel and power packs:

    Eric's instagram account:

    The Forney Welder I used for all the welding:

    Ryobi Angle Grinder

    Ridgid Angle Grinder

    Buying the Shipping Containers:
    We purchased one trip condition hi-cube containers. California requires that shipping containers used for homes have documentation showing that have not had toxic or radioactive materials in them. This normally means that you need one trip condition containers with appropriate certificates. I bought my containers from
    and paid $4800 each for the 40-foot hi-cube containers and $3250 for the 20-foot hi-cube container. Hi-cube containers are a foot taller than typical shipping containers.

    Check out HomeMade Modern our DIY Channel:
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  • StealthAssasin 1Day

    StealthAssasin 1Day

     9 hours ago +1

    might as well just have bought corrugated steel panels and used it as the siding since you already built a wooden rectangular house already and then called it a shipping container home...

  • Evan Snow

    Evan Snow


    This guy must be an engineer, he has found the most over-complicated way to accomplish this project.

  • Aco Ars

    Aco Ars


    Problem with container houses is humidity..., it's not getting out and as a result you have a damp house with black mold! Roofs are designed to let out steam, damp.... Flush steel roof is not. If so, you have to instal wentilation system.

  • Akaroa Male

    Akaroa Male


    It is corten steel so rust will not be a problem. The problem I have with all the internal framing is you may as well build a normal house what is the point of using a container and putting up with its limitations if you are going to use the same amount of timber. Could have used insofast and had an engineering design that used steel framing that will do the job without the addition of all that timber.

  • William Winder

    William Winder


    7:00 The fact that it's not centered would cause me to just walk away from the whole project.

  • mountainfolks


     2 days ago

    First thing you have to do is find a town that will let you build with a shipping container. Almost everywhere they are not legal.

  • Sebastyon Champion

    Sebastyon Champion

     2 days ago

    A plasma cutter would have been easily 50x faster and way cheaper. Also use a tiger disc instead a wire disc to remove paint

  • Chris White

    Chris White

     2 days ago

    That Window Frame Jig is Bad Ass !!!! Job well done 👍🏻, Freakin Genius

  • Paul Dobler

    Paul Dobler

     2 days ago

    This is ridiculous. I see no advantage to using shipping containers. If they were free maybe. Use structural insulated panels instead.

  • Dale Radford

    Dale Radford

     2 days ago

    Why do you live in the middle of nowhere?

  • Mike Mexico

    Mike Mexico

     2 days ago

    No vapor barrier, you just built a mold trap. You won't notice for a few years but with the metal sweating and the inside moisture suckers you gotta problem!

  • AnubisXIII


     3 days ago

    Honestly dude, are these videos to help people build these or deter them from doing so.
    Screw you and your stupid engineer

  • Charles Longfield

    Charles Longfield

     3 days ago

    Absurd, meant to say.

  • Charles Longfield

    Charles Longfield

     3 days ago

    You must have had plenty of money.Wow,the codes are unsure in Cali.But, you got a badass house,if you can afford it,good for you.

  • hairybax


     3 days ago

    That is a very good , profesional job but it is much easyer making a house from scratch.

  • GrandPixel


     4 days ago

    There's no load on your door header. What's the point?

  • Supercritical


     4 days ago

    i can't understand why you wouldn't connect two side by side or make a compound with 4 or 5 containers as a perimeter open in the front for access to driveway. the layout of these containers seems to lack function and these containers are quite narrow and aren't comfortable living spaces for this reason. this just seems like an oddly designed home layout to me. i like more living space and functionality.

  • Pickles


     4 days ago

    Wow, what an awesome house. Two thumbs up.

  • All American

    All American

     4 days ago

    Where are these containers being built? It looks 🥵 HOT

  • James Brown

    James Brown

     5 days ago

    What a waste of time and money buy a all ready built 16x40 building about 8000 bucks