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  • Published on:  Wednesday, July 3, 2019
  • Watch Sky News live.

    Today's top stories: The home secretary is appalled by the revelation that children have been sexually groomed or assaulted after contact with adults on over-18 dating sites, and Donald Trump has said it is 'looking like' Iran was behind the attacks on Saudi Arabia's oil facilities.

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    Saudi oil attack: 'Looking like' Iran was responsible, says Trump:
    SkyViews: Hope and fear will fuel global climate change strikes:

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  • ruskie cleaver

    ruskie cleaver

     13 hours ago

    The stream has gone again! Come back u are missed!

  • 234SuperSimi


     18 hours ago


  • Barbara Bogusch

    Barbara Bogusch

     20 hours ago

    Why was Farage in Moscow meeting with Putin?

  • Barbara Bogusch

    Barbara Bogusch

     20 hours ago

    Farage and his german wife live on EU Money

  • Niles Hemming

    Niles Hemming

     20 hours ago

    Oh no why is th elink not working! Has anyone else lost it

  • Gabor Kata

    Gabor Kata

     20 hours ago

    szar vagy

  • 5 Minute Air Shows

    5 Minute Air Shows

     21 hours ago +1

    Mr Beast should watch this stream if it’s available

  • Tiebeth Shibanuma

    Tiebeth Shibanuma

     22 hours ago

    It's moved.

  • TighHech


     22 hours ago

    back live here /

  • Paul Willis

    Paul Willis

     22 hours ago

    Big Brother Censorship from Boris " BS" Johnson



     22 hours ago


  • Libellula Washington

    Libellula Washington

     23 hours ago

    What happened to Sky News altogether?

  • Pegcailla


     23 hours ago

    Live stream down my face

  • King BlitzUK-twitch

    King BlitzUK-twitch

     23 hours ago


  • Baconinabun


     23 hours ago +5

    come on guys having to watch bbc propaganda atm, sort it oot!

  • jk1776


     23 hours ago +3

    I hope this isn't final. I am addicted to this UK drama now. Bring back the live stream!

  • aydın ışık

    aydın ışık

     23 hours ago +2

    Why this video too short

  • IrishWolf Lythi

    IrishWolf Lythi

     23 hours ago +2

    Very strange... censorship?

  • Paula Fay

    Paula Fay

     23 hours ago +1

    Hmmm...timing is all.

  • Daz Brady

    Daz Brady

     23 hours ago +1

    Woe ist ze Sky Newsen?