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Masego & FKJ - "Tadow" (Music Video)

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  • Published on:  Friday, May 24, 2019
  • Masego & FKJ - "Tadow" (Music Video)Stream "Tadow" now:’s debut album “Lady Lady" out now: by Joe WeilProduced by Psycho FilmsFollow Masego:http://masegomusic.com FKJ:https://www.frenchkiwijuice.com #FKJ #Tadow
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  • Masego


     2 months ago +1482

    Changed it to “music video” I was debating saying film 🎞 to sound fancy. Anyway, thanks for letting me visually explore a creative interpretation of Tadow. More videos from me and FKJ’s live session from that day soon. We made 11 tunes that day. 😵

  • Juan Martinez

    Juan Martinez

     2 months ago +5335

    idk i still love the 8 min version in the studio 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • MightyFox Gaming

    MightyFox Gaming

     21 days ago +143

    Director : how many tadow's you want?
    Masego : Yes

  • Kristen Drayton

    Kristen Drayton

     2 months ago +580

    I love the “film”, but the studio version is still my favorite! 👏🏾

  • Sanket NEPAL

    Sanket NEPAL

     21 days ago +78

    even after reading what TADOW means, Idk what it means lol

  • Masego


     2 months ago +6004

    Cheers to 100 million, love to the fans and no need to compare, rather tell me how you felt the first time you heard Tadow.

  • Luigi Darmanin

    Luigi Darmanin

     2 months ago +183

    FKJ: found the 8 minute version too long

  • Yazzy yazz

    Yazzy yazz

     yesterday +1

    TaDOw that's going to be my knew catchphrase

  • Neto__503


     2 months ago +264

    The first time i heard this i was captivated by the sound, rhythm and just chill vibe coming from a jam session. Cheers to good music brother and thank you for this masterpiece!

  • Jackson Brown

    Jackson Brown

     2 months ago +185

    Original video was 🔥
    This video is also 🔥
    It's got that 1990's vibe to it.
    And the track is still 🔥🔥🔥

  • Trent Thomas

    Trent Thomas

     2 months ago +4591

    May just be me but the original video of them jamming in the studio was amazing enough.
    Edit: I'm surprised so many people agree with me. I posted this and then saw Masego's comment about not comparing the videos and now I feel like a douche lol. Bottom line I love Masego and Tadow and no matter what video plays I'm still jamming to it. Peace people!

  • Jaye Vlogs

    Jaye Vlogs

     2 months ago +58

    For the love of black Women 💕 this is why I love Masego ❤️

  • Renan Almeida

    Renan Almeida

     2 months ago +82

    The official video should have around 10 minutes like the studio one :]

  • Aero PrimeHD

    Aero PrimeHD


    Man this is a natural Music video i love it. Good work keep it up.

  • Life Progress - ideas for a better life TV

    Life Progress - ideas for a better life TV

     2 months ago +37

    The original video hit my soul so much more for some reason. I think it was the raw footage of 2 amazing musicians jamming out with their souls, it showed the passion in their face and into me

  • AQGOAT24


     2 months ago +1484

    I love y'all but nothing compares to the original video of y'all jamming. Shit's a classic and so pure.

  • Aobakwe Tsosane

    Aobakwe Tsosane

     2 months ago +32

    Elegance, artistry and most importantly simplicity the key elements to being you. Love it, the short length of the video keeps it relevant.

  • Paula Lopes

    Paula Lopes

     2 months ago +31

    Oh oh I saw her and she hit me like (tadow)
    Saw that thing so beautiful (tadow)
    She just hit my heart, oh (tadow)
    Full force and she got me like (tadow)
    I be like (tadow)
    Baby (tadow)
    Why you so fine? (Tadow) (tadow)
    Gotta make you mine (tadow) (tadow)
    So hard to find (tadow) (tadow)
    Baby like oh
    How'd you do the thing?
    The way that you do it and she ain't even show
    She be walking 'round so confident, so heaven-sent
    I think she was meant to knock 'em dead like (tadow) (tadow)
    Like (tadow) (tadow)
    Girl you so fine (tadow)
    Ohhh (tadow) (tadow)
    Girl you acting like ooh
    She was so sublime
    Super fine
    She was never lying
    Strutting in her heels
    Or her slides either way
    Eyes on her every single day, week, year
    Everyone wondering how she does it with no fear
    All that confidence was it heaven-sent?
    Does it come within?
    Does it come run out?
    I don't know
    She'll just have 'em runnin'
    Out and in man they want to sin
    Talking deadly sin
    With Mrs. Lady I don't understand
    Why she hit 'em like (tadow) (tadow)
    Yeah, like (tadow) (tadow)
    Girl you knock 'em dead (tadow) (tadow)
    Ohhh (tadow)
    How you do it like you do it (tadow) (tadow)
    Yeah yeah (tadow) (tadow)
    Baby you knock 'em dead (tadow) (tadow)
    I'm always sayin' (tadow)
    Yeah yeah, Ohh

  • Martina Moore

    Martina Moore

     2 months ago +31

    This was very good but I honestly do prefer the extended version with the two of you in the lab together.😘

  • Mrs Victor

    Mrs Victor

     5 days ago +1

    Wow this sound is so different! # Love your style Mr. Masego# God bless King 😇👼👑😎