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BOOM! SCHOOL HACKS TO MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER || Genius Cheating Hacks And School Supplies Ideas

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, November 27, 2019
  • Study smart, not hard! Learn how to get high grades and discover cool and fun school supply hacks. Explore original ways to fool your teacher and many other school cheats and DIY hacks.
    It’s time to get crafty and upgrade your school supplies with cool hacks!

    Can’t get enough of these fantastic school hacks? Neither can we!
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  • Lucas *Pokemon Rocks*

    Lucas *Pokemon Rocks*

     5 hours ago

    Good hacks

  • Admin 1

    Admin 1

     7 hours ago

    Imagine if she slept and the teacher came up to her saw her wrote nothing and than take the glasses off and saw that she was sleeping the whole time and if the teacher did not take it off at test she might fail!

  • FunWith Nia

    FunWith Nia

     9 hours ago

    I’m hungry now ;-;

    They should do a voice reveal

  • moises flores

    moises flores

     11 hours ago

    That’s fake🙄

  • Leah Hahn

    Leah Hahn

     13 hours ago

    In school take your brush out definitely nothing weird right also don’t teachers say not to share brushes and stuff like that

  • Leah Hahn

    Leah Hahn

     13 hours ago

    Who can write that small on a band aid

  • Fun ‘n more

    Fun ‘n more

     15 hours ago

    Why do they set a bad example cheating is bad

  • Jaylynn Mascorro

    Jaylynn Mascorro

     23 hours ago

    The band aid one was really clever thanks!😀

  • Zoey Mangaser

    Zoey Mangaser



  • Zoey Mangaser

    Zoey Mangaser


    Ummm Amy. Is so ugly

  • Senna Anagho

    Senna Anagho


    the thing is if you cheat in an exam or test you might get caught and also there not at school so they will get off with it but love you 123 go

  • Pankaj upadhyay

    Pankaj upadhyay



  • yari Dillz

    yari Dillz


    I think Tony likes you that what the note said'

  • Nika Hassan

    Nika Hassan


    My friend decided to brush her hair in the middle of class with a very small brush and the teacher yelled at her
    Imagine if she uses a bigger one to pass notes. Not weird at all

    Also the glasses thing is stupid, no offense just saying

  • Rabab Belkhatir

    Rabab Belkhatir


    ّ ّ. ً. H io

  • The Salon Solihull

    The Salon Solihull


    Cool life hacks 😎😎😎😎😎😋😋😋😋

  • Su Luong

    Su Luong


    It's very good

  • XJS Fam

    XJS Fam

     2 days ago #expore

  • Jeiden Lacandose

    Jeiden Lacandose

     2 days ago

    I think Amy was the teacher

  • Teresa Lopez

    Teresa Lopez

     2 days ago

    Who saw something fall