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FIRST JOB! *Good Employee vs Bad Employee*

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  • Published on:  Thursday, January 3, 2019
  • First job in high school. You can be a good employee or a bad employee. Good employee's always go above and beyond while bad employee's try to sneak by without doing anything and cause a lot of trouble. Subscribe: |Previous video:♦ WATCH MORE:Beverly Valley High: Skits!: of: Popular:♦ SOCIAL MEDIA DAN’S TIKTOK: @DanKipnisRIYA’S TIKTOK: @ItsRiyaMalikDAN'S INSTAGRAM:'S INSTAGRAM: VALLEY HIGH INSTA:'S TWITTER:'S TWITTER: Dan & Riya:Welcome to the Dan and Riya channel! Our names are Dan Kipnis and Riya Malik. We are best friends for over 15 years who decided to start making YouTube videos. We think we are the funniest people out there, so our job is to make you laugh for hours as you binge watch all our videos every single day on our YouTube channel!. Our channel is made up of comedic skits. Most of them take place in the world of Beverly Valley High where you have Dan, Riya, Tootsie, Cinnamon, Raja, Chad, Miss P, Riya's Dad and Riya's Mom. Our skits are for every age and are about everything including; relationships, boys, girls,, love, how to survive school, families, and friendship!Step into our world and become part of the DanAndRiyaFam!Track: 2SCOOPS - Donuts [NCS Release]Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.Watch: Download / Stream:
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  • Banxey And me

    Banxey And me

     6 months ago +1114

    This is max
    One like 90 lives

  • Bibian Maldonado

    Bibian Maldonado

     1 months ago +111

    This is camron
    He died one like=80 lives

  • Jessica_ XX

    Jessica_ XX

     3 months ago +643

    This is Tootsie
    She is in love with Daniel, one like one step forward to Daniel 💋

  • Bonnie  Campbell

    Bonnie Campbell

     5 months ago +516

    You should do lifeguard duty (bad lifeguard vs good lifeguard)
    Just a suggestion
    Like so they see this!! Plssssss

  • Jade Jones

    Jade Jones

     3 months ago +75

    This is Kalia

    She is trying to help someone from dying
    1 like equals 💯 lives for people to live



     6 months ago +133

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    The pretties
    One is you

  • The Little Kiwi Aj

    The Little Kiwi Aj

     1 months ago +110

    This is Katie
    She’s a mean girl
    1 like= 1 apology to every person she bullied👍
    (Omg thanks for all the likes!)



     3 months ago +258

    This is Kayla
    Kayla is dying 12 likes equal 1000000 lives

  • Leonel Carreno

    Leonel Carreno

     4 months ago +37

    Can you do “what if cinnamon and toostie were still best friends”

  • Fortnight Beat

    Fortnight Beat

     5 months ago +48

    I would like to work at target and the Nickelodeon universe

  • Keira Flynn

    Keira Flynn

     3 months ago +26

    This is tootsie
    She is is love with Daniel, one like one step away from Daniel

  • Lakyn Young

    Lakyn Young

     4 months ago +42

    It’s funny how cinnamons enemy is her boyfriend and tootsies enemy is also her best friend

  • Aneesha Nadeem

    Aneesha Nadeem

     4 months ago +28

    This is Tootsie

  • Shamilla Ramjee

    Shamilla Ramjee

     7 months ago +225

    Love this new vid of 2019
    Like if you Love Dan and Riya

  • Rong Lin

    Rong Lin

     3 days ago +1

    Cinnamon: Uhhh it’s not a cute red
    Me:it’s the color of your hair
    Edit: I agree with you

  • Football Gang

    Football Gang

     4 months ago +16

    I keep forgetting that tootsie is not a real person

  • Cathy Hamm

    Cathy Hamm

     4 months ago +46

    I would love to work at Walmart or a dollar store
    Even tho I still got 9 more years to go

  • Giselle , my cow barks

    Giselle , my cow barks

     2 months ago +7

    Cinnamon:“ blow me up.....”
    tootsie: “i wish i could”

  • Selena SonnySingh

    Selena SonnySingh

     7 months ago +820

    Who else likes the video before it even starts
    Edit: Omg Dan and riya ❤ my comment
    I'm mind blowed by this

  • Panther


     2 months ago +12

    Cinnamon: blow me up some
    Totsie: i wish i could
    Me: falling of bed lagthing my head off