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TI9 Groups Stage Day #1 Commentary | The International 2019 Dota 2 Live

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 15, 2019
  • 1:15:00 is Liquid vs Newbee
    3:30:08 is Fnatic vs EG
    7:07:31 is Secret vs Newbee

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    Q: Why are you not streaming on twitch? Why were you banned?
    A: Indefinite ban for a bad joke they interpreted as violent. Waiting for my appeal.

    Q: Why the new account?
    A: Watch the 'fresh start' video. My main acc was banned cause I shared it and a smurf had someone play turbos.

    Q: Can you play x hero?
    A: I normally don't take requests.

    Q: What's your highest / old main MMR?
    A: 6700

    Q: Can I add you?
    A: Probably no

    Q: Fav pro player?
    A: Don't rly have one. used to be kyle or bsj. i like watching the best pro pos4/offlane players cause i learn the most from them.

    Q: Where are you from?
    A: USA, Maryland

    Q: Play SEA server
    A: I can't, 300 ping

    Q: Dotabuff
    A: https://www.dotabuff.com/players/1012065377


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  • Source: https://youtu.be/tOeTOz5mvTc


  • Rage Gaming BD

    Rage Gaming BD

     2 months ago

    when people realize you are dota master.. people will starts following you

  • kytta


     2 months ago

    I prefer to watch the official casts when live because of the hype, but watching these as VODs now make me understand the games so much better. Thanks for putting them up!

  • Coghill


     3 months ago

    wow i've been watching you from the beginning but i never realized that you were at 40k subs, i always thought you were at 500k subs or higher because, your videos has so much effort.

  • Paul MacDonald

    Paul MacDonald

     3 months ago

    Great video and commentating, I enjoy the humor and sarcasm. Thanks for uploading to to youtube as well, I could never watch all at once, but over a few days I can.

  • Ayy Yo

    Ayy Yo

     3 months ago +2

    Keep up the good work Henry, the quality and commentary of your videos has really improved in a pretty short time. I might even order a coaching session from you soon when i get my shit together. TI9 is awesome its like football fans waiting for the World Cup, GO OG! I also wanted to ask what do you think are the best pos 4 heroes right now? I only queue for offlane and soft support and 99% of the time end up with soft support anyway, so far i have spammed bane, ogre and clockwerk which are pretty successful but i need some variety. Thank you

  • Captain D Dos

    Captain D Dos

     3 months ago

    Henry, did you seen the tv show "the wire"? very good tv show and since you ´re from baltimore...

  • Captain D Dos

    Captain D Dos

     3 months ago +1

    Henry, do you thing BSJ will ever play TI? Because if any team hires him , he´s gonna win TI for sure. We all know that..

  • Comrade Questions

    Comrade Questions

     3 months ago +1

    Henry, I'd love to see you doing official casting man; the Cut-co bit and 'Alch stunning himself to celebrate such a great buyback' had me in stitches.

    You're the streamer we all need in Dota right now; sense of humour and entertainment is better than straight up telling us what happened, or hyping things that aren't interesting, and you mix it with really insightful analysis and in-depth info too.

    Now that's a spicy meat-a-ball!

  • Alec Bio

    Alec Bio

     3 months ago

    Why do you wear gloves?

  • rawdota - Dota 2 Guides

    rawdota - Dota 2 Guides

     3 months ago +8

    1:15:00 is Liquid vs Newbee
    3:30:08 is Fnatic vs EG
    7:07:31 is Secret vs Newbee

    Hope you guys enjoy my casual casting, I had a lot of fun doing it.

    - Henry

  • Niver Otikul

    Niver Otikul

     3 months ago +1

    omg new mic, nicee

  • Lain


     3 months ago +1


  • Anton Louis Rademeyer

    Anton Louis Rademeyer

     3 months ago +1

    Can't skip to a specific time