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BBC Documentary 2017 - Future Space Travel Technologies (Science & Technology Documentary)

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, March 8, 2017
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  • Tjay Schwarz

    Tjay Schwarz

     a years ago +22

    this is NOT BBC DOCUMENTARY!!!!

  • Bondia ÁjéÁséÁsé

    Bondia ÁjéÁséÁsé

     a years ago

    Also nice! However, this is not what I was tipping for‼️🤷🏽‍♀️‼️

  • granddame1000


     11 months ago +1

    may not be bbc but interesting none the less.

  • yuusuf claahi

    yuusuf claahi

     7 days ago

    This is man best narrator like sir David

  • Scott Fozo

    Scott Fozo

     a years ago

    after being spawn-camped in Overwatch: 39:22

  • skatterbrain


     3 months ago

    I implore any of you that are interested in NASAs plasma Proportion to Definitely check out NASAs X3 plasma project that's only 2 or 3 iterations for being tested in space for later on being able to do long range manned Space missions to the moon & Mars. With the X3 you'd be able to make it to the moon in just 30 mins. It's super interesting & definitely worth checking out Especially if you watched this older video

  • Oda Chikazane

    Oda Chikazane

     8 months ago

    We don’t need a space force we need unity under one name. When we meet aliens that don’t like us how can we even hope to win a battle when we can not even band together for the future.

  • Adrian Drake

    Adrian Drake

     10 months ago +4

    NOT A BBC Doc .. Vote it down please..

  • Zymondo


     9 months ago


  • Chippy Steve

    Chippy Steve

     a years ago

    Yet another Youtube BS alert:Not BBC.Not 2017. Karen m Schader is therefore full of.....

  • Stephen Brennan

    Stephen Brennan

     a years ago +8

    A whole documentary about releasing a helium balloon. Its not at all what the title says.

  • Kb123 B123

    Kb123 B123

     1 months ago


  • Kayleb Moore

    Kayleb Moore

     2 years ago +15

    I get wet watching space documentaries



     a years ago

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