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The Untold Truth Of Venom

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, July 19, 2017
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    Few comic book characters conjure up horror and then heroism, and then back to horror again, better than Venom. Since debuting in Amazing Spider-Man #300, it wrapped its tendrils into the hearts of fans everywhere. With a new film starring Tom Hardy on the way, you may think you know all there is to know about the symbiote. But Venom has a long and curious history at Marvel that goes deeper than most people realize...

    Fan-made | 0:24
    Grandpa Venom | 1:07
    Video game upload | 2:06
    Venom for sale | 2:42
    Identity crisis | 3:13
    Lady Venom | 3:49
    Deadpool wrecked Venom's mind | 4:22
    Natural predator | 5:02
    Species origin | 5:32

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  • Danish Smith

    Danish Smith

     1 months ago


  • Stacey Lee

    Stacey Lee

     8 months ago

    I loved venom with tom hardy it was like one my fave movies!!!! Lol and i was always so scared of him

  • Venom


     9 months ago

    Venom 2

  • Venom


     9 months ago


  • Venom


     9 months ago

    The Symbiotes horror

  • JoxaGaming 450

    JoxaGaming 450

     9 months ago

    Venom is my favorite villian in Spider-Man

  • Кирилл Сидоров

    Кирилл Сидоров

     10 months ago +1

    Чё за хуйна

  • Furisin


     a years ago

    So what your saying is that if it weren't for DP, spiderman might've had a fun time with the suit? like, yknow, they would'a gotten along and Eddie wouldve never gotten it? Thats a lot to take in

  • Flash point

    Flash point

     a years ago


  • Flash point

    Flash point

     a years ago

    Ha you think I didn't know this scrap

  • bleedisaster


     a years ago

    Uh, She-venom was actually in the comics?? So what the fuck are you talking about?

  • Karren Kuddlesberg

    Karren Kuddlesberg

     a years ago

    Rulk (Red Hulk) and Human Touch can generation heat beyond the Sun's core so Vemon cannot take neither of them as a host?

  • DYMAG9s


     a years ago +1

    i loved venom i hope it gets a sequel. me and my gf cant wait

  • Jessie Oj

    Jessie Oj

     a years ago +1

    Best movie

  • journeymanX


     a years ago +1

    fuck spiderman

  • damian winkler

    damian winkler

     a years ago +3

    Eyes, lungs, pancreas... so many snacks, so little time

  • Additop


     a years ago

    This was a Waste of my time



     a years ago +2

    VENOM is my favorite super-villian in the Marvel Universe,
    Oh and the first version of Ben Reilly is my favorite (THE ONE WITH THE BLUE HOODIE)

  • Reena Mohanta

    Reena Mohanta

     a years ago

    It's mouth looks like laviathan ...

  • Dragoxk4


     a years ago

    Was Cletus in the same cell as Eddie?