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The MOST Disrespectful Dunks in the Modern Era! (Part 1)

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  • Published on:  Friday, January 5, 2018
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  • CoshReport

     8 months ago

    If you are wondering where some dunks are, check part two:

  • Joann Soaz

     2 months ago

    check erd aaagran

  • Fabrice Guera

     3 months ago

    Nice dunk of black mamba on superman Howard...

  • gadson92

     1 years ago

    The only thing that could stop Vince carter is time

  • chrys hee

     4 days ago

    gadson92 time is struggling to stop vince from hurting these new guys’ feelings

  • Oaklab Sound System

     19 days ago

    @INFRARED What is a superstar? Florida Mr. Basketball? An Olympian? An NBA All-Star for 8 years in a row? Rookie of the Year? Slam Dunk Champion who changed slam dunk competitions forever? The guy with the most famous in-game dunks in the history of the world? The guy who dunked completely over another human being?

  • Nigga from Diary of a Mad Black Woman

     12 months ago

    That Shaq dunk on Dudley is the most disrespectful ever.

  • V. Scott

     2 days ago

    Nigga from Diary of a Mad Black Woman wrong

  • brandon sanders

     3 days ago

    either the shaq one or the LeBron over terry would be mine. those guys hopes and dreams ended in 2 points lol

  • John Wilson

     1 years ago

    When Scottie Pippen dunk on Patrick Ewing and then pointed at Spike Lee, "sit ur a** down."Lmbao favorite moment.

  • Joey Barz

     3 months ago

    I fucking hate spike lee! Fuck that dude!

  • Blerman97 Blerman97

     4 months ago

    It's funny when itsreal85 did voiceover wztchit

  • Chizo5791

     3 months ago

    6'1 Guys like Kevin Johnson dunking is way more exciting than guys like 6'8 , 6'9

  • Oaklab Sound System

     19 days ago

    True. Starks and Baron Davis are little guys too. I'm still amazed how Starks got up so high on the Bulls and Knicks dunks.

  • David Fong

     6 months ago

    Can we all give some love to Chris Dudley who pegs Shaq with a 50 foot dart and then points at him and says F You!?

  • Dxrrell Mxller

     29 days ago

    im not sure what modern era you're in.

  • Dxrrell Mxller

     19 days ago


  • Oaklab Sound System

     19 days ago

    Did you see any dunks from the 50s, 60s or 70s? errrrrrrrrrrrrr.These are all modern era.

  • Michael Covel

     5 months ago

    @10:53. 👏 That Pippen Dunk will always be Epic....and Hilarious 😅

  • nayraad

     8 months ago

    *"OH, HE JUST SUCKED THE GRAVITY RIGHT OUT OF THE BUILDING!"* That is one of my favorite calls

  • Joey COCO

     5 months ago

    7:15 Dr J - enough said

  • Oaklab Sound System

     19 days ago

    Yeah, but that's just fluid. Nothing disrespectful about that. Not sure why it's in this reel.