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Simple Things You Can Do To Look Better | How To Style

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, April 2, 2019
  • Download Tropicats for free here: to Tropicats for Sponsoring this videoSimple Things You Can Do To Look Better | How To Style Today's video is all about really simple things you can do to take your look up a notch without much effort. Often we find ourselves in a bit of a style rut so today I'm here to help you get out of it with a few of my top tips and some tried-and-tested styling secrets to always looking great.Obviously these are things that I've found really helpful but I'd LOVE to hear what you do to step out in style and feel a little more put together every day.Anyway, I really appreciate you taking the time to watch my video and I'll be sure to answer all of your questions in the comments below - look forward to chatting with you.Leonie x♡ MORE VIDEOS ♡ How To Find Your Personal Style Closet Clearcut for beginners♡ MY CAMERA GEAR ♡ Canon 70D G7x MarkII♡ CHAT WITH ME! ♡Blog:
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  • The Style Insider

    The Style Insider

     4 months ago +3

    Download Tropicats for free here:

  • Susan Holl

    Susan Holl

     4 months ago +31

    11. Watch The Style Insider. Time well spent. Really like that Leonie isn't trying to sell us stuff we don't need.

  • J K

    J K

     4 months ago +28

    You are right even you don't go out, you still should look good for yourself👍☺

  • Jane Hofert

    Jane Hofert

     4 months ago +22

    I work in a clothing store. The thing I notice all the time is poor fitting lingerie. Many times I have fitted a customer with a bra and asked them to try on their top with it on. The difference can be amazing.

  • 4227Style


     4 months ago +15

    I never met a trench coat or white button up shirt I didn’t like. If you are the kind of person that looks good in a hat, wear one when appropriate—it will get you noticed in a good way, and set you apart from other people, but it’s important to wear the hat and not let the hat wear you. If you’re not a hat person, having a signature piece/type of jewelry, or a red lip are also good basics to anchor or elevate any look. 😘

  • Liza Maria

    Liza Maria

     4 months ago +15

    I love how you’re not about buying new stuff all the time 🙂

  • gaik suan Lee

    gaik suan Lee

     4 months ago +2

    Hi i saw u where a baggy jeans with outer coat... pls make a video on jean pants like tat. I like to see how to style comfy pants. Comfy baggy clothes...

  • Noren Padcayan

    Noren Padcayan

     4 months ago +9

    Great advice Leonie...simple, realistic and doable😘

  • Older Women Rock

    Older Women Rock

     2 months ago +3

    Hi well said 🙏 I only buy colours that look good on me . Most stores are merchandised in colour blocks. I go straight to my colours and walk past the rest .
    It’s always basics we wear the most . Quality doesn’t have to cost more money for basics in my opinion . Outer wear I find I often need to spend a bit of extra money , being Petite I want good fitting jackets and Blazers ...for Petites .
    Patterns agree, small florals are safer . Patterned scarves can be an option .

  • sandrine loron

    sandrine loron

     4 months ago +16

    My make up trick comes from my granny : if you have only one thing to wear : lipstick. Of course on your lips and also a bit on your cheeks. Sandrine, France

  • LisaLisaD1


     4 months ago +2

    Hey Leonie! Great tips and inspiration! ❤️ Lisa

  • themori3


     4 months ago +9

    I want your legs...😭😭😭😭

  • Nora de la Garza

    Nora de la Garza

     4 months ago +2

    Great advice, loved your video!

  • Maria Guadagno

    Maria Guadagno

     1 months ago +2

    Best advice ever! Thamks so much!

  • jacqueline schael

    jacqueline schael

     4 months ago +1

    Did I hear "sitting like a widow." That was funny!

  • Dori


     4 months ago +6

    You are simply gorgeous and love your fashion style. Can u help apple shape how to dress? Thank you for sharing

  • Jane Burkhart

    Jane Burkhart

     3 days ago

    I find it's more accurate to try colors without makeup on, because you can get a better idea of what suits your actual skin tone.

  • Lori Walter

    Lori Walter

     4 months ago +1

    where did you get that striped shirt? I need one. I've asked before: those earrings...are they available to buy? I love your style!

  • Sherry Edwards

    Sherry Edwards

     4 months ago +2

    Great tips, especially for shopping for outfits rather than pieces. I have so many pieces in my wardrobe I absolutely love but have nothing to go with it. I find for myself it helps if I plan on a monthly, then weekly, then daily schedule. Considering the weather forecast and my activities. This will let me know what kind of footwear and how I need to do my hair. Also, planning my outfit the night before is a great stress reducer in the morning.

  • Martha Barrientos

    Martha Barrientos

     4 months ago +6

    Can u do a video on where and when u can wear a hat? 👒🧢