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Professional Smash Bros Player DESTROYS Gamers Again (Plup) | React Gaming

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 30, 2019
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     14 days ago +316

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  • Adobo Boy

    Adobo Boy

     14 days ago +594

    You guys should have a pro go against another pro but make them think they're going against the Reactors.

  • Nicholas Cai

    Nicholas Cai

     14 days ago +265

    U should get two pros behind in separate rooms not knowing they are against each other

  • lemur918


     7 days ago +110

    If it was melee they wouldn't get any percent on him.

  • Luis Vega

    Luis Vega

     14 days ago +145

    React should do this same concept but have 2 pro gamers going against each other thinking that they’re just doing this same challenge

  • Hentai Goddess

    Hentai Goddess

     14 days ago +81

    The react channel is now property of the Plup Club

  • Hunter Webb

    Hunter Webb

     7 days ago +85

    Now have both people have pros behind the walls and two pros secretly play each other, thinking they're going up against scrubs.

  • Massy 182

    Massy 182

     14 days ago +65

    Pro gamer vs pro gamer. Both behind the curtain. Nobody else knows.

  • Yakob


     7 days ago +44

    I'm just here for Plup.

  • lortee


     14 days ago +51

    Pls let two pros play against each other in disguise

  • Clout Father

    Clout Father

     7 days ago +73

    I like the part when armada comes out and 4 stocks plup with peach

  • omar 3m4

    omar 3m4

     14 days ago +48

    idea for a video:
    2 pros play against each other while they think they are playing against reactors for react

  • James Fitzgerald

    James Fitzgerald

     7 days ago +41

    This video is now property of the Plup Club

  • Nuggetmadness


     14 days ago +37


  • ACED 09

    ACED 09

     14 days ago +359

    Next time trick a pro gamer vs a pro gamer

  • Tom Enright

    Tom Enright

     7 days ago +39


  • Ragnarok •

    Ragnarok •

     14 days ago +48

    You should have 2 pros go against each other but the people "playing" dont know the other also has a pro

  • FilipinoSlugger


     7 days ago +37

    Did they not notice the Gamecube controller symbol on player 2 and NOT pick up on the fact their opponent was using joycons?

  • PKPowers310


     7 days ago +36

    “Top 100 Melee player” I think that may be just a small understatement lol

  • Ramzi Martens

    Ramzi Martens

     14 days ago +109

    You guys should let two pro secretely play against each other. And then have two reactors be confused why their pro isnt winning easily