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Hikers Saw That This Neglected Sheep Could Barely Stand, So A Shelter Begged For Experts To Save Him

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, February 6, 2019
  • Hikers Saw That This Neglected Sheep Could Barely Stand, So A Shelter Begged For Experts To Save Him

    Chris the sheep was found wandering the Australian countryside with a dangerously oversized fleece. The wool was so heavy, in fact, that he could barely walk – meaning he needed urgent attention. When an Australian hiker found Chris the sheep, they were horrified to see that he could barely stand. His wool had grown so…

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    ►Images credits:RSPCA ACT/https://bit.ly/1VlPqOS
    Image: National Museum of Australia
    Image: Twitter/Tammy Ven Dange
    Image: The Canberra Times


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  • Source: https://youtu.be/v2yzYC3Loe4


  • Demisha Bricelanders

    Demisha Bricelanders

     an hour ago

    Skipped when I realized they JUST have stills and no true live footage of the actual shearing. Glad the sheep is okay, tho. #boringcontent

  • Mad9977 Productions

    Mad9977 Productions


    lol a sheep going to the bathroom, seriously? 😂

  • Liam McDonough

    Liam McDonough

     4 days ago

    What is with people and not being able to pronounce our city names? Like, Can-Bear-a?

  • Cookie's House Cannabis Co

    Cookie's House Cannabis Co

     7 days ago

    dannnnggg, that sheep could almost make a single sweater for an American.

  • Sungkil Lee

    Sungkil Lee

     7 days ago

    Photo Gallery

  • call me mew

    call me mew

     7 days ago


  • Noszair Jones

    Noszair Jones

     7 days ago

    Bet that sheep was the fastest after that cut

  • Mark Wilharm

    Mark Wilharm

     7 days ago +1

    However many animals you have mercy on and help in your life will be that many less that will chew on you in hell If you go there. Think Hard.

  • Suzie Dez

    Suzie Dez

     14 days ago +1

    wtf is Can-Bear-Ah?
    pretty sure that's pronounced Canberra... could be wrong, but I am Australian

  • Aunty Ro Knows

    Aunty Ro Knows

     14 days ago

    We breed cows to produce continous milk and sheep to not shed. This is the result.

  • Joe Barrett

    Joe Barrett

     14 days ago

    What a shame owner's don't take care of their animals can't understand why

  • Guruji Yogananda

    Guruji Yogananda

     14 days ago

    The "sheer" size of his mane!

  • Frank Pichardo

    Frank Pichardo

     14 days ago

    This happened out of shear negligence! 🤪

  • Frank Pichardo

    Frank Pichardo

     14 days ago

    Every time she says fleece I hear fleas. 😂



     21 days ago

    Wow! 😱

  • Elly Susanto

    Elly Susanto

     21 days ago

    Why did the narrator use the word "neglected"? The sheep had gone AWOL

  • Mya G

    Mya G

     21 days ago

    i dunno why but in the beginning, it looked like a human face and human skin.. on a sheep.. and it freaked me out.. loll anyone else seeing that ? maybe not haha

  • A J

    A J

     21 days ago

    what an irritating voice over

  • Leona Janse van Rensburg

    Leona Janse van Rensburg

     21 days ago

    Oh my word shame...
    So glad he was found

  • Delta Ray Studios 2

    Delta Ray Studios 2

     21 days ago

    A sheep: Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!