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Casually Explained: Travel

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  • Published on:  Thursday, January 10, 2019
  • Come check out my neat stream: of course begs the question: what’s the deal with airline food? And every time I open up the same foil lined plastic tray gilded with condensation along with every other pleb in economy, I can’t help but prod at my reheated lasagna and think “you know, this is incredibly respectable given the circumstances. Good job everyone.”Real talk though book directly with the airline and probably don't miss your flight. Check out the new merch if you'd like► ►►►
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  • ryeas201

     6 months ago

    That eyebrow raise is where all the budget went for this video

  • David Linn

     9 days ago

    @TheHeritic i looked up what a sinth is and still couldn't find it. would you mind explaining?

  • TheHeritic

     9 days ago

    @David Linn that sounds like something a sinth would say.

  • Cody Maclean

     6 months ago

    Handed her .25cents to close the wage gap 😂😂😂

  • pomegranat2000

     20 days ago

    Dood that's such a trap for triggerings, done so, so well. Top-level reached.

  • James Feguson

     1 months ago

    @Someone's Youtube Username they worked diffrent jobs, so ya they probably would get paid differently. It was a joke anyway.

  • Chelseamonster

     6 months ago

    "What's she gonna do? Put me in handcuffs?" *wiggly eyebrows*

  • Relax just be more tea

     10 days ago

    @Jack Le lol

  • Jack Le

     14 days ago

    @Relax just be more tea Beginners? You must be a sex veteran.

  • Zoya B

     6 months ago

    "I like a woman in uniform... Guess I'm really attracted to employability. Want what you can't have" I'm crying 😭

  • Caped Villain

     4 months ago


  • SuyogThe Pun

     6 months ago

    This dude, which uses paint to draw and has 29 different frames per video, uploads videos in 1080p and 60 fps. Hats off

  • Steven Mohr

     2 months ago

    I need my squiggly black line art to be sharp and responsive.

  • Gene Adam

     2 months ago

    Pewdiepie should call this guy

  • Joseph Chopra

     6 months ago

    The bit about McDonald's touchscreens is so true. Those things are a godsend

  • Dom MCMX

     4 days ago

    MWB Gaming if you cant see it, then it doesnt exist.

  • MWB Gaming

     17 days ago

    You phone screen has more poop particles than your toilet bowl Doesn't stop you from rubbing it against your face every time it rings though

  • Andrew Gonzalez

     10 days ago

    Yooooo the Anne frank one caught by surprise lmaoooo

  • It's Alex Clark

     6 months ago

    Loved it

  • Joseph Richardson

     2 days ago

    Wild youtubers interact

  • TJ Cofer

     5 months ago

    You better hecking finish that babysitter series 😡🤬. Jk I love your content man.

  • Highway Tv

     4 months ago

    “At least I know what they mean by separating the colors from the whites”XDDHOW DID HE GET ON TRENDING

  • AGreedyTurtle

     6 months ago

    Just a little fyi. I am an aircraft mechanic and the mechanic didn't forget his tools. The aircraft is just being held together by 10% nuts and bolts, 10% rivets, and a good 80% speed tape. So have fun flying knowing that. Final thing, loved the vid.

  • Ben Wilson

     3 days ago

    Hubba Bubba is 100% FAA approved

  • MWB Gaming

     17 days ago

    Whenever i fly with other people, I always wrap some duct tape around one of the wing support struts on a 172, or stick a big piece of duct tape across the wing just to scare the shit out of anyone I fly with (nobody ever does the preflight with me, and they usually don't look out the window until after we are airborne) Its funny AFOh the joys of being a private pilot