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Meat and French Fry Addict

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, June 11, 2019
  • This is the greatest food addiction of All Time
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  • Radliss


     2 months ago +1917

    Michael, your life and relationship are at steak

  • Zachary Packard

    Zachary Packard

     2 months ago +1224

    Your gonna die sooner than other people
    JeNnA aRe YoU oK

  • Son of Meme

    Son of Meme

     2 months ago +916

    "You're on rails to die"
    that's literally true of every human on earth.

  • Pizza man

    Pizza man

     2 months ago +391

    5th day without meat Mike began making meat snowmen in th yard and began calling them his meat men.

  • DJ Deadbeat

    DJ Deadbeat

     2 months ago +371

    A girl wants to dump a guy because he has too much meat
    First time I’ve heard that

  • Polish Filipino

    Polish Filipino

     2 months ago +5061

    "Meat and French fry addicted"
    Truly the American way

  • The Conspiratorist

    The Conspiratorist

     1 months ago +151

    I like how the soy consuming doctors are trying to make the meat chad "less controlling". They're just sour that they don't have the assertive, brotein power that meat chad does.

  • Kreek Kid Productions

    Kreek Kid Productions

     2 months ago +169

    The world’s first anti-vegan

  • Cyber


     2 months ago +151

    Mike looks like the lead singer of every single rock band from 2007

  • Jamauler


     1 months ago +85

    Daughter: " I like cucumbers"

  • Baggy


     2 months ago +1665

    I often get called an oxygen addict. they say that if I continue this I'll die in about 60-70 years but. I keep doing it.
    I'm not gonna change..

  • oranqe


     2 months ago +189

    Title: “meat and French fry addict”
    Stroke: it’s free real estate

  • Brook Bigs

    Brook Bigs

     2 months ago +149

    How can food ruin a relationship? Also how do you lose friends because of what you eat!!😂 like Tom you like carrots we are NOT friends anymore.

  • Reesay Pb

    Reesay Pb

     2 months ago +136

    Me:*has absolutely no friends*
    Me:its those damn french fries 😒

  • stupidandhated8


     2 months ago +94

    Charlie for the love of God raise the volume on the video you're commenting on

  • Winternet


     2 months ago +1671

    “A man who looks in the mirror and worries about the GMO in the glass”
    That killed me.

  • Tennessee Isaac

    Tennessee Isaac

     2 months ago +34

    J.J. Virgin sounds like a porn name.

  • Callum Stewart

    Callum Stewart

     2 months ago +40

    1:30 as if he didnt make a joke about her name being J.J. Virgin and entering a meat room. The joke was straight up planted in front of him

  • MyThirstForThee


     2 months ago +62

    Daughter: I like cucumbers
    Dr. Mike: I like that

  • John Smith

    John Smith

     2 months ago +72

    "Is he hanging around middle schools?"
    That raises more questions than it answers