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Ferocious feral kittens get their first bath! TinyKittens.com

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  • Published on:  Monday, May 29, 2017
  • There's nothing like surprise feral kittens late at night! These guys came in late on a Sunday night from a feral colony with 200+ cats.
    The property owner had done some repairs to the barn where their nest was, not realizing there were kittens inside and mom was outside! Fortunately, these little guys were clever enough to survive about 12 days until the Property Owner saw them and realized what had happened. He spent the next two days trying to trap all four of them, because he didn't want to leave one behind. He finally was successful late Sunday night. We aren't exactly sure what the plan is yet, but for now, they are safe and starting to enjoy the room service.

    More about the rescue work we do: TinyKittens.com
  • Source: https://youtu.be/vjAdSuy2io4


  • Mohamad Hanif

    Mohamad Hanif

     7 days ago

    What marinate is that you are using?

  • Rhiannon Louise

    Rhiannon Louise

     21 days ago

    How do I get this job 😂😭

  • Sparkle O'Whore

    Sparkle O'Whore

     21 days ago

    My heart just melts, I feel so much love just watching these little champions 😻😻😻

  • Jose Garza

    Jose Garza

     21 days ago

    Special people you all are. Thank you for TlC inch these little fur baby’s.

  • _t-d_


     21 days ago

    Slow baked kittens!

  • Mr Pancakes

    Mr Pancakes

     1 months ago +1

    Oh god. So ferocious. This should be rated R. So vicious!

  • khadija A

    khadija A

     2 months ago +1

    I think thats soo harsh in my opinion y should leave as the same colour they are

  • C Mac

    C Mac

     2 months ago

    This video is years old, but I just realized that hissy feral in bath number two is a “she.” I think at least one other kitten was also a female. Female gingers are rare, just wondered if this colony produced a few in other generations.

  • Cat Cat

    Cat Cat

     2 months ago

    The little bath....like a little kitties

  • Joseph Hauser

    Joseph Hauser

     3 months ago

    Cats are dumb.

  • Jo Maher

    Jo Maher

     3 months ago

    How lovely, to see Shelly and a few of the Kitten Snugglers here. Thank mew all for the very special kind of work you do xx

  • sbrazwell42


     4 months ago

    Little beast.🤣🐾🐾

  • rambo


     4 months ago

    That's so cute.

  • Gladys Centeno

    Gladys Centeno

     4 months ago

    Awwwwwwwww how sweet it’s the nurse I love her

  • Gladys Centeno

    Gladys Centeno

     4 months ago

    El bibi I love him. He is a bebe

  • Pistachio Macaroon

    Pistachio Macaroon

     4 months ago


  • missbusanbeth


     4 months ago

    Can someone give these ladies their own show?! Their voices remind me of the npr ladies on SNL

  • Ashley Dedman

    Ashley Dedman

     4 months ago

    Fiesty orange kitten that’s so adorable

  • RustiSwordz


     4 months ago

    He Protecc, he attacc, he got orange juice on his bacc. :D

  • UrBoiDeath_666


     4 months ago

    I just fully dip them really fast.