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PC Myths you should NOT believe!

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  • Published on:  Sunday, October 13, 2019
  • We’ve all heard the myths about PCs... but can you believe them!?

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/vkqLx7OIIcw


  • Mikko Korkalo

    Mikko Korkalo

     4 hours ago

    Secure erasing your drive is pretty good alternative to just destroying it. Zero money lost, almost as effective. If you write all your sectors full of zeroes or rather random, you're pretty safe. Few blocks here and there might be recoverable, but almost certainly nobody can actually read a relevant file from the drive.




    Most annoying misconceptions about PC is that it's hard to build or to deal with and it's expensive! These myths usually come from console gamers! because, they are either misinformed or ignorant about the PC

  • Josh Haas

    Josh Haas


    Nice video!

    I was a bit confused by your comments surrounding the pagefile though. First, "every time it goes to sleep or hibernates it has to store everything your computer was doing in an easy to access file" is incorrect, that only happens during hibernation, not during sleep. Second, to my knowledge all recent versions of windows use "hiberfil.sys" for hibernation state, not the pagefile, which is used as extra "RAM" that lives on your hard drive. (Third, technically Linux and Mac use a swap file or swap partition, but I assume that's not relevant to your audience, and really it's semantics anyway.)

    It would be awesome if you could clarify what exactly about RAM / pagefile / hiberfile results in the purported hardware degradation. Is that during normal operation RAM is being used causing wear on RAM just by being on? Is it that if you don't have enough RAM you might constantly be using pagefile causing wear on HDD/SDD just by being on? Is that if you're constantly hibernating you're writing to the hiberfile causing wear on HDD/SDD? Is it that coming out of hibernation has to refill the entire RAM causing wear on RAM? None of those seem particularly relevant to me, given how small those operations should be in comparison to the lifetime ratings of current gen computer parts, so I would love to hear if I'm missing your point. Thanks!

  • Machine Mechine

    Machine Mechine


    ZOMG, download more RAMM. LOL< thanks for the laughs.

  • Corey


     2 days ago

    Most popular PC gaming myth: Everyone online has an amazing rig that can run everything at ultra settings, 4k @ 60 fps or 1440p @ 240 fps....and they built it for a couple hundred bucks & some coupons.

  • T. kuvesi

    T. kuvesi

     2 days ago

    3:57 While we're correcting myths, it might be better to... idk, correct them rather than starting new urban legends of some radioactive hackers who can recover your personal data from a spec of dust that once passed through your case fan.

    Now sure, formatting the drive does jack all.

    If you have a drive that contains some holiday photos or something you'd kinda want nobody to see, you can use [free] programs like Eraser to do some military spec 3 or 7 pass erase. Something like DoD 5220.22-M, a 3-pass wipe method that fills with 0s, then fills the drive with 1s, then fills the drive with random characters gets rid of the data quite well.

    Now, if you're absolutely paranoid about it, say you think you might've once written down your password on one of the drives, doing a 35-pass Gutmann is, well, way over the top and you should consider getting committed to care.

    Now, there is a different problem if you've written your password in a filename. As while secure erase methods are enough to delete whatever data the files have once contained, your file names might be preserved in Master File Table. Some more professional file wiping utilities will take care of that to a satisfactory degree, but it'd be generally a swell idea to avoid putting sensitive information into filenames. If you're erasing the whole drive anyhow, Master File Table might go with the rest of it, but it'd be good idea to check.

    The bottom line is, you absolutely can get rid of every bit of sensitive data without breaking the drive. (And it'll be whole lot easier if you didn't write the sensitive data to filenames.)

    Also worth remembering that the guys who buy your used drives for $30 on ebay usually don't have the tools and the knowhow to even run a simple file recovery operation from a formatted drive (which doesn't mean you should leave it at that) and even the few who have bought some recovery application would be absolutely thwarted by renamed Master File Table entries combined with 3-pass erase.

  • IWantToBeSetOnFire _

    IWantToBeSetOnFire _

     2 days ago +1

    If I ever sell my pc I’ll just put a new hard drive in it or something

  • Gustavo


     2 days ago

    Hey guys, did you notice he didn't talk about RGB giving us FPS this can only mean one thing... it's not a myth... it's true

  • Charles Braun

    Charles Braun

     3 days ago

    Thanks Jay.

  • Playingwith3D


     3 days ago

    The only time my PC gets turned off is during a power interruption. Then I turn on my Laptop until I get power back. ha ha. Funny part is that that is how I found out windows had an update waiting a few times.

  • Tiger F5-E

    Tiger F5-E

     3 days ago

    RGBs add framerates I know this because I overclocked my case and de lidded my chipset I downloaded off of limewire via dial up

  • Vanilla Bumblebee

    Vanilla Bumblebee

     3 days ago

    Heute mal in Muttersprache: Dieser Kanal ist eine Bereicherung für Youtube!

    Translate by yourself. ; )

  • Muzzlepaint


     4 days ago

    My overclocked I7-2600 is still running after 8 years.... I am finally upgrading to an I7-9700k... OC away... tech generations will kill your CPU long before OC

  • Brita Ahonen

    Brita Ahonen

     4 days ago

    I prefer to just set the offender's on fire. Cut their ears off. Stop butting in.



     5 days ago

    The PC myth I hate the most, is from asshats that insist a case will stay cooler with the side panel on and a case buttoned up like a safe, so that the fans can "draw air through". They are so fucking wrong it's assanine.

    All you have to do to test it is put a heater in a room on full heat, and box fan in a window with another open window on the other side... and watch the temperature in that "room", compared to say a heater on full heat in an open field with a fan the same distance away blowing air in the same direction, but with no walls whatsoever. Here's the results you are going to find: (1) the room is going to heat up regardless of the fans. Some portions in it, like the corners, will get no crossflow at all, and heat up. Places where the heat rises will heat up. (2) the open field setup... you can run that damn heater on high all day long and you won't change the ambient air temperature.

    Side panels exist for one reason only: to keep rats and kids out. (Except in computer labs, where they existed to keep people from stealing components and keep the noise of 30 computers running at the same time down). That's it. If you don't have rats or kids, leave them off. And if you are thinking Rats? What the hell do you mean rats? PC's stored in a warehouse would attract rats that would chew through IDE cables to gnaw their continuously growing teeth down, just like Bungee birds have to do with Cuddle bones. I know, I've seen many a destroyed IDE and other ribbon cables destroyed by rats.

    You do NOT need side panels for some kind of "presurized air flow situation". Even on flat server cases, where the heatsinks on the CPUs have no fans at all, you could leave the top off and the cross flow fans blasting on them would do just fine and even better to cool them down than having the blade servers stacked together like pizza boxes in a rack.

    That positive pressure / negative pressure mentality... yeah... you need to lose it, and run your PC components out in the free air. Anybody who has ever run a motherboard on top of a cardboard box or on a test bench knows I'm damn right. There is no good reason when it comes to cooling, to seal all these heat generating components up in a case that you then need to blast air through and think of negative pressure and positive pressure... nonsense. It's not going to work anyway... the air is going to move from the biggest in fan and make a beeline right across the inside of your case to the exit fan...

  • Bobby Thompson

    Bobby Thompson

     6 days ago

    At 5:50 that is not possible a guy put a 500lb magnet on a HDD and nothing happened look it up that's false

  • Duded Dude

    Duded Dude

     6 days ago

    I switch out my liquid cooler for an air one for the winter. I also switch all the fans to keep the air in so my PC heats up quicker.
    This way I don't have to pay the heating bill for my apartment.

  • mbtech2003


     7 days ago

    9 years strong on my amd 555 unlocked to 4 cores and over clocked from 3.1 to 3.5 ghz. With a 50mv boost.

  • HyperDriveStation 2.0

    HyperDriveStation 2.0

     7 days ago


  • Richard Jones

    Richard Jones

     7 days ago

    hi jay what is the best gaming amd motherboard and cpu please