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Funny Dogs Meeting Cute Baby Animals [Funny Pets]

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  • Published on:  Friday, June 16, 2017
  • The cutest video YOU will watch today.Subscribe for weekly videos!Check this out! Funny dog videos of meeting cute baby animals for the first time. How funny are the reaction of these dogs! It is really that baby animals are the cutest and dogs are absolutely funny. This can really take away your bad mood because of the good vibes these animals will bring to you!--------------------- subscribe Dogs: to Funny Pets Channel to make sure you catch the absolute best in funny pets videos!MONKEYS 🐒 Funny Monkey Videos: Elephants (NEW VIDEO) (HD): Meets Owner After Long Time ★ TRY NOT TO CRY (HD): ★ Funny Horse Videos: HORSES ★ Funny Horse Videos: CATS 😹 23 Badass Cats Who Will Amaze You: NOT TO CRY: Dogs Meet Their Owner After Long Time II [NEW] (HD): FAILS 😂 FUNNY PET Fails Compilation: Animal Attacks ★ When Dangerous Animals Don't Know What Glass Is!: in COSTUMES (HD): ARE AWESOME ★ Funny Labradors COMPILATION: in Bathtub (NEW) (HD): Waking Up Owners (HD): VIDEOS 🐩 Funny Dog Videos: Raccoons ★ Keep Calm And Be A Raccoon: See Owners After Long Time (NEW): Animals in Halloween Costumes ★ PETS in HALLOWEEN COSTUMES: Chicken ★ ULTIMATE Funny CHICKEN Compilation (HD): LIFE HEROES: People SAVING Animals ★ This Video Will TOUCH Your HEART: DOG VIDEOS ★ The World's Most Funny Dog Videos (HD): CAT VIDEOS 😹 20 Minutes Funny Cats: Animals at the ZOO (HD): Stealing Things (HD): PRANKING HUMANS (HD): LIFE HEROES Rescuing Dogs ★ DOGS Being SAVED!: MONKEYS ★ Most Funny Monkey Videos (HD): Animals Attacks ★ Zoo Animals Getting Angry!: CATS 😹 Funny Cats Compilation March 2014: Parrots ★ You Won't Believe These Parrots Are Real! (HD): PUPPY SURPRISE: for watching Funny Pets!
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  • J B

    J B

     2 years ago +229

    Baby animals: Are you my Mother?
    Bigger animals: Are you my snack?
    just kidding ya'll! Not serious...

  • AverageObserver


     2 years ago +531

    the chicks thought the dogs tongue was a worm 😂

  • Anita Lanier

    Anita Lanier

     2 years ago +62

    Animals are adorable, big and small, young and old.
    They are all so, caring, loving and affectionate.
    It makes me realize how much we human missed in life.

  • Alien Child

    Alien Child

     a years ago +24

    doggo: ME SNIFF YOU
    birb: no
    doggo: LEMME SNIFF
    birb: no
    doggo: I SNIFF NOW
    birb: NO

  • Hailah S

    Hailah S

     a years ago +26

    3:43 he's literally petting the hamster

  • Apra Rhakho

    Apra Rhakho

     2 years ago +92

    Those chicks and the dog ...awww 😍😍😍😍

  • Dra cat

    Dra cat

     2 years ago +92


  • Kay L'amour

    Kay L'amour

     2 years ago +45

    that little turtle chasing that dog was so funny

  • country girl

    country girl

     2 years ago +582

    Dog: Hey quit! what are yall doing to me?
    Baby Chckens: WHAT ARE YOU??? are you my friend????

  • Virolock


     2 years ago +23

    4:30 a chick magnet :)

  • little N

    little N

     a years ago +8

    Dogs: mom, these nuggets are FOCKING RAAAAAAAAWWWW!

  • R o s i e

    R o s i e

     a years ago +12

    How sweet 3:09
    How ADORABLE 3:34

  • Rei Lea

    Rei Lea

     2 years ago +45

    The last one of the black puppy with can tell whoever owns that pup does not takes care of it. Hair missing from either sores or fleas or something. They need to get off their butts and wash their puppy.

  • Darren Nicholls

    Darren Nicholls

     2 years ago +27

    Jesus, can you get any pet you want in Russia?

  • 珍宝イカ太郎


     2 years ago +67

    1:25  Mastiff, Dachshund hunt, Pomeranian, Fox, baby puma

  • Leo Moody

    Leo Moody

     2 years ago +40


  • Neyssa RIVIERE

    Neyssa RIVIERE

     2 years ago +7

    1:14 me when someone hides and tries to scare me.

  • Andrew Valencia

    Andrew Valencia

     2 years ago +7

    that white dog overload of cuteness, it seems liked he thinks about his meal hahahaha
    whitey: " ohhh yum yum yum a mini fried chicken for my lunch, a roasted chicken for my dinner and a chicken omelet for my breakfast " what a tasty meal!!! XD

  • Alexis Le

    Alexis Le

     2 years ago +36

    wow! A fox n a lion. Who r u guys?

  • kuroi usagi

    kuroi usagi

     2 years ago +7

    4:28 I like how it played action music in background while turtle was chasing a dog 😂😂😂😂