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Brad Williams Newest Standup Comedy 2019 (Full 58 minutes)

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  • Published on:  Friday, November 23, 2018
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     4 months ago

    I’ve never heard a stand up comedian talk so truthfully about racism and politics

  • Valdarian RaevenHeart

     3 days ago

    Damn you all got to be young'ns. You never heard about George Carlin? He's been saying the truth about race, politics, fucked up presidents and dumbass people in general since the 60's....well at least that's about when it really caught on and became a mainstream thing when he was on stage. Even to this day things he's said and 'predicted' came to pass. Humanity as a species has become soft and even more dumb...and like back in the day, the world will do the same it has in all of history. Kick us all i...

  • J Idowu

     4 days ago

    same ole manufactured jokes that most comedians touch on. . . some of these jokes were told 5 years ago

  • Joel Maejor

     7 months ago

    damn i was not prepared to shed tears at the end

  • Cherese Rose

     7 days ago

    Joel Maejor - Mee too

  • Seeking Christ In Tx77

     12 days ago

    PCCultureisCancer very cool screenname!!!

  • Chance Lyons

     5 months ago

    Why would I watch midget porn, my life IS a midget porn Greatest quote ever - Brad Williams -

  • A Mailman

     5 days ago

    random vlogs 687 Midgets love to fuck...

  • random vlogs 687

     18 days ago

    Why doe

  • Thomas Zimmer

     7 months ago

    Holy shit this man is legend I would say one of the best comedy specials I've watched could not stop laughing

  • L O N E L Y H E L P

     1 months ago

    I'm just waiting to see Monday to take box of lucky charms if that doesn't happen then fuck it I did live a full life

  • James Murray

     4 months ago

    I like him, but didn’t he steal the podium for racist comments from Bill Burr and bag of dicks from Louis C.K.?

  • x31omega

     4 months ago

    Brad needs his own Netflix special or buddy cop movie. 😂


     2 months ago

    And funsize he has 2

  • MKeuilian

     3 months ago

    he has one its called the degenerates

  • Kontractor

     2 months ago

    The ONLY comedian who doesn't have to worry about people stealing his material!

  • Matt eric

     3 days ago

    Lol i would actually like to see amy schumer do 1 of his jokes, that will be the only time you'd catch me watching that shit

  • Chris Allen

     4 days ago

    Is that an insult

  • Micah Bell

     6 months ago

    Thanks Brad for actually having the guts to talk about shit like “Getting offended” and all that. Comedy is meant to be fun and free. Not chained by political correctness and all that left and right bs...

  • dimapez

     2 months ago

    in Finland we have those very special people their very special word of their own: "ammattiloukkaantuja", which translates as something along the lines of "career offense taker"/"professional offended person", something along those lines.edit: btw in case anyone is wondering: I identify as a Leopard 2 A6 Main Battle Tank, my preferred personal pronoun is "Panzer" (abbreviated Pz.)

  • artemis houdelis

     2 months ago

    Fuck yes

  • Flashy Potato

     7 months ago

    I love how he said all that stuff in front of his dad😂 very sad at the end but I love him

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     1 months ago


  • Я могу говорит по-русскм 17063

     1 months ago


  • Rayce Wittner

     7 months ago

    “Grandpa taught me that one” 😂😂 I love this guy

  • Kendall Rehip

     7 months ago

    yes, I like watching videos of Brad

  • Andrew Levister

     6 months ago

    He pulled the foot and a half of snow joke again. Omg.

  • RangerLeaf

     23 days ago

    @Tapo EMT you never knew my freind Emily then

  • Tapo EMT

     23 days ago

    @RangerLeaf I haven't heard of many kids dying in a foot and a half of snow..