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Saranggola ni Pepe by Jahris Gabayan | The Voice Kids Philippines Blind Auditions 2019

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  • Published on:  Saturday, August 10, 2019
  • Jahris Gabayan charms Judges with his “Saranggola ni Pepe” performance.To watch more videos visit: to the ABS-CBN's The Voice channel! - more updates visit our official website! @ABSCBNTheVoice#TheVoiceKids#TVK2019#TVKRocks
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  • Andy Apao

    Andy Apao

     14 days ago +1436

    I salute the parents who already mold their children that an early age they motivate and be able to learn to appreciate Filipino classic songs. 👏

  • Jeri Mendoza

    Jeri Mendoza

     14 days ago +634

    This kid has positivity in her and can’t stop smiling. Girl, you deserved to be at Team Leah!

  • odessa  Batul

    odessa Batul

     14 days ago +930

    The song choice, the voice, her aura, totally innocent! Tama si Sarah, she's a breath of fresh air 💕😊

  • jhel colombo

    jhel colombo

     14 days ago +439

    yung naka smile lang ako the whole time😊😊

  • herven bataller

    herven bataller

     14 days ago +931

    If you like this cute little girl make this Blue❤️❤️

  • quantumchase


     14 days ago +243

    She sang the song the way it should be sung - in a storytelling voice.

  • Aec Esg

    Aec Esg

     14 days ago +275

    This song was released in the late 70’s and I was in my 20’s during that time. I thought I wouldn’t get this old. This song brought me to another world, a place and time where/when the internet and cell phones were never available to the public. I have a structural characteristics of a younger brain but my body is telling me the opposite. Music brings people together. May God bless this child and every child in this competition.



     14 days ago +481

    this is the kind of talent the voice ph should look for, THIS IS THE FUTURE OF PH MUSIC!

  • arjel alvarez

    arjel alvarez

     14 days ago +336

    Leah exactly looks like Captain Marvel of Endgame. Woah!

  • Sharmaine Tuplano

    Sharmaine Tuplano

     14 days ago +29

    Wow galing ni jahris 👏👏👏
    Nakaka proud dahil magkababayan pa tayo 😊😊😊



     14 days ago +101


  • Allegro Cuerdas

    Allegro Cuerdas

     14 days ago +318

    I really really like those singers who sings OPM AND PINOY CLASSICS..

  • serious17100


     14 days ago +404

    One of the best song choice!! Brings out her youthfulness :)

  • Pitoi Morei

    Pitoi Morei

     14 days ago +465

    Sinong nagtapon ng m&m’s sa damit ni coach sarah?

  • Boa Hancock

    Boa Hancock

     14 days ago +419

    May future to si baby girl

  • Squishin Chloe

    Squishin Chloe

     14 days ago +150

    yun 'hi' nya talaga kay coach Lea ehh! 😍🤩 ganyan den siguro feeling ko if nasa kalagayan mo ko.. baka tumambling pa ko...😅😂

  • Rolan Mijos

    Rolan Mijos

     14 days ago +196

    Ang cute talaga ni coach Sarah lalo na kung tumatawa.. like nyo

  • sirc perez

    sirc perez

     14 days ago +27

    wow di ko naabutan sa tv, favorite ko pa nman kanta yan. makaluma kasi aq hehehe. anyways d2 na lng sa youtube. good luck!

  • JRMY


     14 days ago +117

    Huy, 2 weeks palang pero ung variety of genre ng mga contestants ang lawak na. So much variety and uniqueness na talaga ngayon ha..

  • Jm Medrano

    Jm Medrano

     14 days ago +121

    I love it when she slightly giggled while she's singing 😍🙌🏻👏🏻