Crazy Angry People vs Riders | [Season 5, Ep. 7]

Crazy Angry People vs Riders | [Season 5, Ep. 7]

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  • Published on:  Monday, July 9, 2018
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    00:01) Doug Polen - Guy hits motorcycle. Gets window punched in. -
    00:28) Thelegend27 - Crazy old guy vs biker -
    2:56) Jake B - Motorcyclist REAR-ENDED by CARELESS DRIVER -
    4:12) Chris Mathy - Close Calls on my Honda Rebel 500 -
    5:28) Groundpilot - My first close call -
    5:44) sunogen - Didn't even look -
    6:03) Schwarzer Vogel - Canada bad drivers 2018 part6 -
    6:25) The DarKnight - 2018 Close Calls & Stupid Drivers with my new CBR600RR July -
    7:43) C.L.O.F.F.E. the Swede - Angry old man -
    8:26) Life for Riding - ABS Saved my Life | Honda CBR 650f | Almost Crashed -
    8:31) Petrol Head - Road rage (with a very aggressive man) -


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    #KaosRiders #angrypeople #moto #compilation #crashes

    All clips in this video are only intended for educational purposes and as learning tool for riders. Ride safe - KR
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  • kelly faulkenbury

    kelly faulkenbury

     31 minutes ago

    What see the most in these videos are stupid drivers that don't see the bike , but I cant help but notice most of the bikes are driving faster than the rest of traffic. Just wonder if the bikes where not driving faster than the cars maybe half of this could be avoided. But there are a lot of retarded car drivers.

  • Mitchuation


     an hour ago

    These riders are half the problem

  • Agustin Arian

    Agustin Arian

     an hour ago

    Speaky poco english hello no angry 🙂

  • Aaron Kozel

    Aaron Kozel

     an hour ago +1

    Some of those bikers drive like pretentious arrogant pricks

  • mark love

    mark love

     an hour ago

    Chris mathy.. U need to slow the fuck down.. no wonder U have so many close calls.. U fuckn idiot..

  • angel's Samsung - computer - angel

    angel's Samsung - computer - angel

     3 hours ago

    This dude he was attacking a old man i'm repotingt

  • realgabrieldc


     3 hours ago +1

    Ohhhh I was expecting broken car mirrors!!!

  • IndridCold


     3 hours ago

    moron on the bike gets mad at the driver who turns right from the far left lane (whom is also at fault) but he’s speeding like a fucking clown

  • Paula Alvarez

    Paula Alvarez

     3 hours ago

    I do not agree with your attitude. Although sometimes you are right, your behavior is reprehensible and violent

  • Don Fabi

    Don Fabi

     3 hours ago

    Kill that bike rider pls

  • Stiena GamesNL

    Stiena GamesNL

     4 hours ago

    10:17 translate shut up shut up of you have a problem his wife Said its ok its ok

  • Collecti0n AJ

    Collecti0n AJ

     4 hours ago

    most of these guys are just straight up dumb, they misjudge the space they have then take it out on the cars when they almost get hit, they’re so arrogant lmao

  • NickyB


     4 hours ago

    How to ride a bike and TRY to get in trouble. I can drive a bike and get myself in these kind of situations ALL the time if i look for it! And calling other people idiots is the most ironic part of all this! LMAO!
    Ow and that last guy is not getting violent like that if you just drive by 2 times. Who is the retard then? Stupid clown doing anything to get YouTube views. You make me sick!

  • Devin


     5 hours ago

    Bikers are so confrontational. It's almost like they look for problems.

  • PrettyLittleMeowMeow


     5 hours ago

    Jesus, motorcyclists think they own the damn road!



     5 hours ago

    Dude that biker broke that window like butter

  • MarkShaw


     5 hours ago

    I'm a biker myself and most of these people ride like assholes

  • Tatiana M.

    Tatiana M.

     6 hours ago

    Didn't see any biker blinking as well

  • KenDawg


     6 hours ago

    90 percent of the people in these videos give bikers a bad name.. Most of them are just looking for problems just because they have a camera and a bike

  • Fedor Dva4evckii

    Fedor Dva4evckii

     6 hours ago

    Блэн, где субтитры