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Youtuber's Douchey Song

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, July 25, 2018
  • This is the greatest douchey rap of All Time
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  • Berd


     a years ago +6128

    please dont talk about erectile torsion anymore

  • Rikka Takanashi

    Rikka Takanashi

     2 months ago +1429

    Pedo version of the song
    She was 6 and I was 24
    The fbi is knocking at my door
    They said to keep my hands down on the floor
    My family doesn’t like me anymore
    Feel free to add on some more lyrics

  • Rafael Madiam

    Rafael Madiam

     a years ago +3063

    Six fingers I was only 4. My gawd that probably broke your A-hole

  • I like chicken nuggets

    I like chicken nuggets

     2 months ago +536

    E.T stands for Extra Testicle

  • Thieving Khajiit

    Thieving Khajiit

     11 months ago +1456

    He was talking about eloping but his grandmother said no.
    The whole point of eloping is running away and getting married without parental consent

  • VazzyCow


     a years ago +7411

    Imagine actually thinking that this song was good enough to be released to the public

  • M H S

    M H S

     a years ago +908

    Six fingers
    i have genetic disorder

  • Scottie 15

    Scottie 15

     a years ago +721

    Why the electrical outlets so high up on the wall

  • HauntingMage


     10 months ago +283

    he had 6 action figures when was 4 years old

  • Sinister Seven

    Sinister Seven

     10 months ago +313

    He's not a menace to society.
    He's a menace to everyone's ears.

  • Strelok Audio Design

    Strelok Audio Design

     a years ago +5741

    he looks like a hybrid of jake paul and pyrocynical

  • Rick Sanchez C-137

    Rick Sanchez C-137

     2 months ago +96

    “Six figures” holds up five fingers

  • Matthias Thulman

    Matthias Thulman

     3 months ago +110

    This kid looks like every rich kid I ever went to school with.
    Also, he has a hella speech impediment

  • 2lazy :T

    2lazy :T

     11 months ago +118

    His voice sounds like a person who had their vocal cords drenched in bleach during puberty.

  • Marcobeast666 _

    Marcobeast666 _

     1 months ago +34

    3:27 why is the child wearing a trash bag?😂💀



     a years ago +69

    Can you do a face reveal

  • Richard Grey

    Richard Grey

     a years ago +153

    If this douchetuber died, it’d be a mercy killing. Someone end him.

  • ToastySNXZ


     2 months ago +51

    "Wubba labba dub dub there is no God to bless you"
    My new favourite life quote

  • King Charles XII of Sweden

    King Charles XII of Sweden

     5 months ago +75

    10 fingers when I was only 4

  • Johaeli Payano

    Johaeli Payano

     a years ago +2441

    You know, maybe we've been too harsh on Vanilla Ice