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Youtuber's Douchey Song

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, July 25, 2018
  • This is the greatest douchey rap of All Time
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  • Wut


     18 hours ago

    Fuck the rich

  • Shannon Stout

    Shannon Stout

     3 days ago

    I like watching this stupid shit here so I’m not actually giving the “creator” a view.

  • Rhythm Mania

    Rhythm Mania

     4 days ago

    This douchebag says couple words in slow beat. Who even wrote this? Wait, I know! The douchebag. So sad when people who got no talent tries so hard to look like they got something when they don't.. using autotune. What people who can''t sing uses mostly.

  • Roshan Roshi

    Roshan Roshi

     4 days ago

    I wondered where I saw that dude before then I realized I saw him in another youtuber's vedio for a few seconds.. I think her name was Amanda Cerny

    Poor little me didn't know what Erectile torsion meant so I searched it up.. And saw things I wish I'd don't see

  • Shannon Stout

    Shannon Stout

     5 days ago

    If YouTube existed in 1999, Fred Durst would have had his work cut out for him as a douchetuber, making disstracks about breaking things and doing it all for the Nookie.

  • Doodlboop123


     6 days ago

    When you get a speeding ticket they give you a court date if you pay the fine you don't have to go lmao

  • Genocide OW

    Genocide OW

     6 days ago

    trying to vicariously live their lives as Kayne or some shit, completely oblivious that their audience is primarily prepubescent kids

  • Schrimply


     7 days ago


  • GlitchKing


     7 days ago

    That "I don't like this man, I just really don't like it at all, this really shitty" killed me.

  • Brian Paquin

    Brian Paquin

     7 days ago

    6 figures could be $100,000. That does not make you "rich".

  • Binkleyme


     7 days ago

    ET was a Katy Perry song.

  • Armaldo468


     7 days ago

    Jesus Christ. I can’t even believe I’m saying it, but this makes Jake Paul’s “It’s Everyday Bro” look fucking excellent by comparison. Never thought I’d say those words. Also I have literally NEVER heard of this stupid punkass Justin Roberts kid before in my life. I tend to pick up on popular douchetuber names despite my efforts to forget that they exist, yet this little prick is completely foreign to me. How pathetic. God I hate these stupid wannabe thug superstar kids.

  • Offensive


     7 days ago

    I mean the song lowkey kinda catchy do

  • Sean Horgan

    Sean Horgan

     7 days ago

    Thumbnail had me thinking you were going to roast supreme patty

  • vuk trifunovic

    vuk trifunovic

     7 days ago

    Guy from that spot beats his meat on rust characters...

  • AfroDude


     7 days ago

    douchepoopyhead = rich with money
    penguinz0 = rich in tha heart

  • Supercat 5000

    Supercat 5000

     7 days ago

    This dude looks worse than me and he should be able to afford to look decent. Plastic surgery?

  • press ballz

    press ballz

     7 days ago

    Bro do a vid on holiday cooking i gotta feeling you got some good tips foe them

  • Douglas Smith

    Douglas Smith

     7 days ago

    I going to prolapse my ass out of my mouth from cringe levels reaching super nuclear criticality dude how dumb are you god damit

  • Douglas Smith

    Douglas Smith

     7 days ago

    That guy is cringe glattling gun holy shit