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  • Published on:  Wednesday, July 6, 2016
  • SUNGLASSES STORY MOVIE; https://www.viveos.net/video/HoGa9HOdczQ/video.html
    HOW TO MAKE SUNGLASSES VLOG; https://www.viveos.net/video/zyLfkbhw95U/video.html

    DOWNLOAD BEME (it's free);
    IPHONE; https://beme.com/casey
    ANDROID; http://bit.ly/1X4Ts13

    music by Blue Wednesday https://soundcloud.com/bluewednesday

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    BIG CAMERA; http://tinyurl.com/jn4q4vz
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    WIDE LENS; http://tinyurl.com/jkfcm8t
    MORE EXPENSIVE WIDE LENS; http://tinyurl.com/zrdgtou
    SMALL CAMERA; http://tinyurl.com/hrrzhor
    MICROPHONE; http://tinyurl.com/zefm4jy
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/xFbJoXJBIIA


  • ZanderPander



    2:29 Funny because I got a sunglasses hut ad right before this video.

  • mako melo

    mako melo

     4 days ago

    You use much cocaine

  • Robert Szanto

    Robert Szanto

     6 days ago

    4K IQ! Confirmed

  • Jonathan Saboni

    Jonathan Saboni

     6 days ago +3

    2019 any one

  • Francis Zhou

    Francis Zhou

     7 days ago

    Why not Oakley?

  • julz& Jay

    julz& Jay

     7 days ago +3

    2019 or just me

  • Rob Morrow

    Rob Morrow

     14 days ago

    Looks like a toad that’s why

  • peterah7957


     14 days ago

    That's a real good explanation

  • gSonny


     14 days ago +1

    Hey Casey my name is sonny Gregory and im 14 you have inspired me to dream about what i want to be when im older i dont want to work i just want to be.. who i am so i want to experience traveling... you will have to work in life. i am now but thank you so much for being who you are

  • Malacate X

    Malacate X

     14 days ago

    His wife is so real ..... she's the shit

  • Danila Uvarov

    Danila Uvarov

     14 days ago

    You look like john frusciante`s brother

  • Cole


     21 days ago

    Why are caseys vlogs so good....

  • Eli W

    Eli W

     21 days ago

    Nobody literally nobody on this entire planet not a single soul, your man’s uploaded video called my glasses and gets 14 and a half million views

  • Ty Man

    Ty Man

     21 days ago

    I had $250 ray bans

  • Ty Man

    Ty Man

     21 days ago

    I used to have the same sunglasses

  • Paul M Allen

    Paul M Allen

     21 days ago +1


    Teens: make as much noise as possible (auhuwawaouhahh)

  • Halit Hasanoğlu

    Halit Hasanoğlu

     21 days ago

    Lan bu casey de Killa Hakan gibi bere de taksa tam olcak

  • James Michael

    James Michael

     21 days ago

    Wear a bag.

  • Arief Rakhman

    Arief Rakhman

     21 days ago


  • pick l

    pick l

     28 days ago

    because ur blind.