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Emerson Lake and Palmer Song "Trilogy" by Jad&Den Quintet

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  • Published on:  Friday, August 29, 2008
  • Emerson Lake and Palmer Song "Trilogy" by Jad&Den Quintet recorded at La nouvelle Athenes PARIS FRANCE
  • Source: https://youtu.be/xNxoIDPoURY


  • KarnEvil91


     7 days ago

    At 6:41 and 7:06 I cried

  • Maarten Van Bloois

    Maarten Van Bloois

     a months ago


  • Warren Ray Ledbetter

    Warren Ray Ledbetter

     2 months ago

    Listening to that piano makes me think Keith is in the video.

  • Cogs


     2 months ago

    Can't typ]e head xploding

  • Pro Synth

    Pro Synth

     2 months ago +1

    ELP meets Dave Brubeck meets Chick Corea and Flora Purim....wonderful!

  • Rufino


     3 months ago


  • stevepeebles61


     3 months ago

    Fantastic version of the ELP Classic. Loved every minute ❤🎶

  • Rob Coven

    Rob Coven

     4 months ago


  • Fra Mais

    Fra Mais

     4 months ago


  • UniversoMusical


     4 months ago

    Una delicia. Muy buena interpretación.

  • Fabio Gaetano Lucente

    Fabio Gaetano Lucente

     5 months ago +1

    Bravissimi complimenti!

  • Craig Scott

    Craig Scott

     5 months ago +1

    I absolutely love this musical LSD trip.....wildly creative arrangement and amazing piano and vocal

  • Rev. Bill Champoux

    Rev. Bill Champoux

     5 months ago

    There are some cover bands out here playing note for note, I was guilty of that the keyboardists all wear the black vests and white shirt, the singer ballplayer would stand on a rug etc, lets not talk about the drummer When I was 9 I got shipped off to Jullard I loved music but not the stuff kids my age listened to . My great aunt of all people would buy me albums she listened to, I made a connection with Keith and Greg. I wrote a fan letter to Keith and included tapes. He wrote me back and included his phone number. He alled the school and asked to speak to me, he realized it would take my whole jar of change to call him We met face to face with Greg in tow. I played the songs on piano and Keith was saying this kid is wonderful. Greg said you are very talented but what have you wrote? I only had a couple of pieces.Greg essentially said don't be a clone. I thought bout it an said they had their own vision of the master why don't I interpret Them and maybe some kid will interpret me, I added a fourth instrument an electric guitar with Hendrix style I can't renenber if this was yhe time they were adding Jimmi. Keith and Greg were my mentors, I got older and we had a gig.I trade guitarists for a little girl and told the bass player I will sing, Greg said I lost the buzz off a perfectly good joint, you F'ing sound like me it creaped him out till the day he passed. We saw the writing on the wall that Prog was dieing and got in other things to make money. I was mean at the keyboards and I found out I was just as mean at stocks. little Janie did it the old fashioned way and inherited billions. We always gave our ticket money to the city for their poor. we had over the top light shows and stages. we never signed with anyone and did this for over years and years.

  • Richard Sanders

    Richard Sanders

     6 months ago


  • p- t

    p- t

     6 months ago +1

    Brilliant. Great original and great cover.

  • MrThemortgage


     6 months ago


  • McFarland


     6 months ago

    Nope. Not even close. ELP just can't be covered well.

  • Darrell Hambley

    Darrell Hambley

     6 months ago


  • William Bunter

    William Bunter

     6 months ago

    A fitting tribute to a Master pianist and composer!

  • lusich94


     7 months ago

    Correcta e interesante interpretación “acústica” de un tema épico de EMERSON, LAKE AND PALMER. Bien por los muchachos...Los felicito...👏🏻