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GOT7 "니가 부르는 나의 이름(You Calling My Name)" M/V

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  • Published on:  Monday, November 4, 2019
  • GOT7 "니가 부르는 나의 이름(You Calling My Name)" M/V

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  • Cindy


     3 minutes ago


  • Nadia Martinez

    Nadia Martinez

     5 minutes ago

    I've rewatched this like over 100 times because it was that good

  • G Seven

    G Seven

     6 minutes ago

    Keep watching keep liking its an amazing title track...

  • G Seven

    G Seven

     7 minutes ago

    This song never tired of listening to it

  • Jemay Meili

    Jemay Meili

     7 minutes ago

    This is definitely a comeback coz even ahgase who gave up on Eclipse or even to their previous music came back

  • ilikeKhun


     7 minutes ago

    Go got7 go go..

  • Korng 369

    Korng 369

     9 minutes ago +1

    Why Korean sleeping on them???
    I have no idea.
    But I am an honest international fan who never leave them. They won my heart.
    GOT7 fighting!!!
    Ahgases fighting!! Green heart

  • Aisyah Nailah Humaira

    Aisyah Nailah Humaira

     9 minutes ago +1

    they deserve more than this
    ahgase fighting!

  • maira tipto esquieva

    maira tipto esquieva

     11 minutes ago +1

    I love the song, I love them

  • wanida bbboom

    wanida bbboom

     13 minutes ago +2

    Let go to 35 m 🎉🎉🎉🎉. ขอ 35 ล้าน ก่อน MCD 💪🏻💪🏻

  • Honey stacy Gutierrez

    Honey stacy Gutierrez

     13 minutes ago +2

    No la supero!! Ayuda!! Me encanta esta canción!! Obsesión!! 🥺🙂💖



     13 minutes ago +1

    👉40 M

  • Brianna rks

    Brianna rks

     13 minutes ago +1


  • deshna vallalar

    deshna vallalar

     14 minutes ago +3

    I need a English version for this 😩

  • King BamBam

    King BamBam

     15 minutes ago +2

    ใครอยู่ตั้งแต่วันปล่อย MV บ้าง 🙌

  • Jemay Meili

    Jemay Meili

     15 minutes ago +2

    You Calling My Name
    GOT7 you are winning with this song
    Call My Name
    All tracks are well done

  • Izabella Chan

    Izabella Chan

     15 minutes ago +3

    Ok but the chorus is fire and idk what it sounds similar to but it reminds me of an artist’s old school music. LIKE IT SOUNDS SO GOOD I’m tryna think what vibe I’m getting but I can’t!!! Important thing tho is that I love it lol

  • Taec4ever


     16 minutes ago +3

    Jinyoung just snatched my wig ♥️

  • Maham Rafique

    Maham Rafique

     17 minutes ago +1


  • Paige Turner

    Paige Turner

     17 minutes ago +7

    They all look so beautiful in this comeback... hell, every comeback.